10 startup articles from Cologne that everyone should read


In October, Cologne was once again a lively and exciting hot spot for the German start-up scene. Here again several startup news that real Cologne residents and everyone interested in the digital scene in Cologne should have read!

The cathedral city of  Cologne  has had an extremely bustling startup scene for years. We will be actively and intensively accompanying them again in 2020. In the past few days and weeks there have been some exciting news and reports from Cologne, which we have summarized here once again. Here is our startup news that everyone in Cologne should have read.


The Cologne startup AIO offers “transparent, sustainable and stylish masks”. Founder Anna Müller recently wanted to collect 30,000 euros via indiegogo. In the end it was 330,000 euros from over 6,000 people. “Our product offers an environmentally friendly alternative to the blue disposable masks,” says founder Müller .

The company Amboss, which was started in 2012 and was founded by the three doctors Kenan Hasan, Madjid Salimi and Sievert Weiss, wants to make it easier for budding doctors to prepare for exams and offers a learning platform for this purpose. Around 350 employees now work for the company. The startup recently generated sales in the double-digit million range .

The vacation guru founders Daniel Krahn and Daniel Marx recently invested in the Cologne startup blookery. “With a partnership, the companies want to benefit from each other and strengthen each other.” Behind blookery is a travel agent who takes care of blind booking (surprise trips).

Capnamic Ventures
In the past few months, the Capnamic Ventures team has again invested in several startups. Capnamic’s portfolio includes startups and grownups such as AdJust, Chronext, LeanIX, Picanova, Staffbase and unu. In Germany, the donor most recently – this year and last – provided startups such as Accure, Capmo and Home with capital. As a rule, Capnamic invests between 500,000 and 3 million euros in individual startups .

At the Cologne startup Elimba, everything revolves around cocoa. “Elimba is the first company in the world to use whole and unroasted cocoa beans, including the beneficial ingredients that are otherwise lost during roasting, for its cocoa, modeled on the Incas,” said the Rhinelander. The target group is especially adults .

The SME financier creditshelf recently provided gridscale with seven-digit growth financing . The Cologne startup, a provider of Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service solutions, was able to attract investors such as Endeit Capital, EnBW New Ventures, EnjoyVenture and HTGF last year.

The Cologne-based company Portal United, which includes the craft platform blauarbeit.de, recently took over the remains of Homebell. Around 20 million euros have flowed into the failed Berlin startup, a craftsman service provider that brokered the services of craft businesses

The navabi founders Zahir Dehnadi and Bahman Nedaei recently bought their company out of the bankruptcy estate  . According to the legal notice, the shop for plus-size fashion is already operated by jpc united, which is 50% owned by the founders. Before the bankruptcy, the private equity investor Verdane held the majority in navabi. In recent years, around 35 million euros have flowed into the company, which recently moved from Aachen to Cologne.

neoteq ventures
The new Cologne financier neoteq ventures recently announced the first closing (30 million euros). “The fund is aimed at startups and its investment focus is in the Rhineland. The main investor is NRW.BANK. Further anchor investors are the Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf, the Kreissparkasse Köln and the Sparkasse KölnBonn ”, announced the donor.

“The people in Cologne are very open and unpretentious. For us this is a decisive factor in recruiting, ”says Tim Breker, co-founder of Vytal. “For us, proximity to retail was another important criterion for Cologne. ”

Get started in Cologne – #Koelnbusiness

In our  main topic Cologne  , we report specifically on digital activities in the Rhine metropolis. With around 400 startups, over 60 coworking spaces, accelerators and incubators as well as attractive investors, numerous events and networks, Cologne and the surrounding area offer an exciting ecosystem for founders. This section is supported by the  KölnBusiness Wirtschaftsförderungs-GmbH . #Koelnbusiness  on  LinkedIn ,  Facebook  and  Instagram .

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