5 Reasons to be Optimistic and Emerge Strengthened from the Coronavirus Crisis


“We are living in an unprecedented situation, but if there is one certainty, it is that this storm will pass. But the choices we make now can change our lives for years to come »  © Yuval Noah Harari  in the  Financial Times .

And indeed it is, you can wait for things to happen or be the one to make them happen. 



Albert Einstein  said in the great crisis of the last century   “Millions of people are losing their jobs, many others fear losing it and there is a small minority that is revaluing in the market and is getting more and better job OPPORTUNITIES” 

We are facing a time of change, but also of great opportunities. The digital world continues to rise, online training is being revalued and without going any further, at IEBS we are currently hiring due to the large growth in enrollment caused by the cancellation of face-to-face courses.

And it is normal to be afraid of the unknown, it is a human defense mechanism. But you should also know that if there is one thing for sure, it is that all this will pass and it will return to normal. And the decisions you make now will impact your immediate future .

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Why you should not be afraid if you make the right decisions:

Reason 1: COVID-19 will be defeated

It is not a question of if, but of when, and everything indicates that it will soon happen. And meanwhile, many are taking steps to cope with change. Try to be positive, at least from  IEBS we  intend to send you a message of hope because we believe that after all this a different world will come and we have a great opportunity to create a much better world.

Reason 2: the DIGITAL WORLD will inherit the future

The trend towards digitization and online business is only increasing . You may think that we are experiencing a serious crisis, but the truth is that all this is not doing more than accelerating change. Workers will prefer to stay at home, traditional businesses have turned to the Internet and will of course continue and the  digital sector  is strengthening for the future.

Reason 3: Now is BETTER than TOMORROW

Online training is experiencing a great boom, and we have realized that it is the same or better than the traditional one. Imagine how Internet consumption has increased! Think that this week more than 250 new students have already taken the step of advancing with the  50% Scholarships plus the possibility of deferred payment  in 12 and up to 15 monthly payments. And be clear, if you do nothing you will have to compete with those who are preparing for when all this clears.

Reason 4: The world will recover

The question is, will you be ready to enjoy the boom to come?

Reason 5: You are in GOOD hands.

This includes all of the above and much more. That is why we are the students’ favorite school, we have been audited by KPMG with a result of 93% of students satisfied or very satisfied, and where you can not only find testimonials, but thousands of success stories and real professional transformation, like  Kasia ,  Alicia ,  Milagros  or  Angel .

If you want to be part of the change, I want to offer you the possibility of reserving your place without any commitment, and take advantage of  the new 100 places with a 50% scholarship , which we have launched while this crisis lasts. Make your  request here .

And also a Sixth reason for hope. We have a #YoAprendoConIEBS Free plan

In addition, during confinement and exceptionally, we have worked very hard to offer free training and solutions to professionals, entrepreneurs and SMEs:

  • We have created a webinar program to help you manage risks in times of crisis
  • A Telegram group for managers where we share solutions .
  • An online school for those who now have to start from home with @Seedrocket 
  • A free one-month course, valued at almost € 400 at Citius
  • A free webinar program with real and simple solutions for the digital transformation of SMEs .
  • A free course on telecommuting and remote team management .
  • An extracurricular activity for sports parents and children to give you some free time .

So what is your next step going to be? I hope you tell me in the comments and share this message of optimism with your colleagues and friends. Together we will come out of this strengthened!

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