Best Trading Books for Newbies


In this article we will talk about the best  books dedicated to online trading.

If you are here, it means that you are looking for a title that can clarify your ideas about the mechanisms of online trading . Perhaps you have already searched for something on the web, but you have not found anything interesting. Perfect! The guide we have created has that goal.


We are talking about the digital book offered by LiquidityX , a world famous broker and an excellent reference for those looking for trading books.

This resource has the particularity of being extremely  practical and full of operational examples . This makes it different from many other online trading books, which teach little and nothing and cost prohibitively.

The LiquidityX course differs considerably from these books as it is characterized by a very practical approach. When operating online, the theory matters, but don’t forget the concrete aspect . 

By reading it you will have the opportunity to discover essential titles for those who, like you, want to start operating in a really effective way. 

We now begin our review with the best volumes dedicated to learning the mechanism and operation of online trading , by studying the theory and strategies of the best investors of all time.

What are the best trading books ? Here are the 10 editorial proposals to study the world of trading successfully:

The Art of War Sun Zu € 8
Technical analysis manual John murphy € 47
Warren buffett Robert Hagstrom € 75
The smart investor Ben graham € 38
The alchemy of finance George soros € 30
Live from trading Alexander Elder € 33
The Wyckoff method Enrique Diaz € 18
Market Wizards Jack schwager € 23
Quantitative Trading Ernest chan € 56
The black swan Nassim taleb € 13

1. The Art of War (Sun Tzu)

When it comes to  online trading books , it is impossible not to mention this great classic from world literature. To understand its link to the world of investing, we must question another milestone: the movie Wall Street. The protagonist, the unforgettable Gordon Gekko , mentions  Sun Tzu’s work , inviting his interlocutor to read it.

Zen and the Way of the Samurai Trader is a perfect book for a beginner trader due to the perfect parallelism between trading strategies and military techniques.

It is a book that should not be missed for the simple reason that it represents a true  bible of strategy  and because it helps the trader develop a very useful attitude when he begins to take his first concrete steps in the world of online trading.

2. Technical analysis of financial markets (John Murphy)

Here is another title that you should definitely not miss when listing the top  online trading books . If Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” is a volume that looks primarily at psychology, the Technical Analysis of Financial Markets   helps to understand the specifics.

The author of this online trading book,  John Murphy , is considered one of the fathers of technical analysis and his manuals have always been the best sellers.

By reading it, as is clear from the title, you are immersed in  technical analysis and in all aspects related to charts, their figures and technical indicators. This is a reading that may initially seem complex. However, in the future, you will find that it is absolutely understandable  and affordable even for those who do not have much experience with online trading.

Just to remind you of the importance of this book, let’s remember that it brought to the fore the ten laws of  technical analysis,  which focus on identifying the current market trend.

3. Warren Buffett (Robert G. Hagstrom)

This book should not be missing in the library of those who want to  trade successfully . It may seem like a biography like many others, but it is much more.

It is a volume that traces the  life of Warren Buffett  from his adolescence to the beginning of his financial epic and focusing on some of his most effective strategies, such as choosing to acquire only undervalued companies.

The  trader who reads it therefore has the opportunity to discover, thanks to the point of view of one of the most successful investors in the world and his collaborators, the tactics to follow to evaluate a company, tricks that can be useful when deciding undertake, playing in the stock market.

Without a doubt: this book is really worth reading! After all, the “protagonist” is a man with a 60-year career in finance behind him. If there is one investor who has faced a host of challenges, it is  Buffett .

In the course of his market operations he has faced many challenges, with a  mindset  that can only represent an excellent example for novice traders, but also for those who already have a bit of confidence and want to improve.

4. The Smart Investor (Ben Graham)

Directly related to the previous book is    Ben Graham’s The Intelligent Investor , a volume that highlights the story of  Benjamin Graham . His name is known to those who work in online trading.

In fact, he is Buffett’s mentor. His approach to the world of online investing has changed the lives of countless people, including that of Sir Warren.

The trading book in question represents his best known work and a very important reference point to understand how to evaluate companies, that is, considering their real value and not that of the market.

His approach to  online trading proved particularly effective for the recovery after the crash of 1929, a veritable economic tragedy that involved Graham  like many other investors.

5. The alchemy of finance (George Soros)

George Soros  is another financial giant. His book represents a very important point of reference for those who want to trade online effectively.

This volume, considered a real must for those who want to  read trading books,  highlights some  of Soros’s strategies  , such as the theory of reflexivity. Soros  is highly criticized by various people, but there is nothing to say about his results in online trading! 

It only remains to discover some of its secrets and this book allows you to do it quickly and easily.

6. Live from trading (Alexander Elder)

According to the author, the secret to success lies in the three M’s: Mind, Method and Money (Mind, Method and Money). Thanks to them you will be able to conquer the different stock markets and win with them. This book helps you develop different very important emotional strategies when investing. In addition, it helps you control the different impulses to avoid falling into the typical trading traps.

Once you have been able to overcome all this emotional part, which is very important, it teaches you the next step, which is about understanding and knowing how to analyze the charts, as well as indicators and other technical tools.

7. The Wyckoff method (Enrique Diaz)

To better understand what this Trading book is about, we must read the review found on Amazon:

Modern technical analysis has focused too much on the use of patterns, indicators, and oscillators but without any rationale behind their usefulness. The Wyckoff method offers you a trip to the essence of trading, to the foundations that the great speculators of history left us, focused on the figure of Richard Wyckoff, one of the most respected investors and popularizers of the time.

A different, personal and unconventional approach to finance. All the aspects that will help the reader to better understand what it is that really moves the financial markets to invest profitably.

8. Market Wizards (Jack Schwager)

This Trading Book is based on a series of interviews that the author has conducted with the best traders in history.

Each of them will be able to contribute knowledge to enrich our cultural background in the field of finance.

In the book all the main aspects are touched: the management of psychology, the operative techniques and the most common aspects of the technical analysis.

9. Quantitative Trading (Ernest Chan)

One of the most popular aspects of trading at the moment: Quantitative Trading.

More and more investors are choosing to operate with algorithms, Expert Advisors and useful tools to invest successfully thanks to the latest generation of Software.

If this world attracts us, here is Ernest Chan’s book that is perfect to have clear ideas on how to start investing in the stock market as a trader « quants» .

The price is quite high, but there are very few similar manuals on the market.

10. The black swan (Nassim Taleb)

Nassim Taleb is one of the contemporary geniuses, a great financial expert and with a unique vision of investing.

Some of his theories are contained in this Best Seller book , from which the term “black swan” was coined to indicate unexpected events.

We suggest that everyone read this book to open their minds to new horizons, including in the field of the stock market and financial markets.

Which trading book to choose?

From Inversiones24  we have included the most famous and appreciated books in the world, real milestones to invest in the best possible way.

Obviously many of our readers will wonder: which trading book to choose to start investing? We can start by making a distinction by “category”:

  • Technical analysis: to know the secrets of this type of analysis, it is essential to start with Murphy’s book.
  • Psychology management:  To improve in this regard, Sun Zu’s book is perfect! Even the smart investor offers interesting ideas in this regard.
  • Operational Strategies:  Soros’s book sits somewhere between strategic advice and psychological investment management. Instead, Warren Buffett is more focused on the practical side, although from this point of view the primacy belongs to the LiquidityX course: clear, practical and operations oriented.

Where to start? There’s no question about the free, high-quality course that LiquidityX offers Without forgetting the great advantage of being able to immediately put into practice all the theories and notions learned in a Demo account, which can be activated free of charge directly on the broker’s platform.

Theory + Practice, the winning formula to learn to invest in the stock market!


In this review we have taken care to define the best Trading books to learn how to invest in the stock market.

However, for training to make a difference, it must be applied in a concrete way. How? Many traders rely exclusively on the best brokers where they combine theory and practice. 

After studying one of the  online trading books  listed in the previous paragraphs (there are many other quality titles in addition to the ones we have mentioned), it is time to practice with the  demo account , a solution that allows you to trade on the Stock Market without risking the capital.

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