Buy Bitcoin | Basic guide to investing


In this guide we tell you about how to  buy Bitcoin, one of the most famous cryptocurrencies in the world  Is it possible to buy Bitcoin safely ?

Bitcoin BTC has been in our lives for less than ten years, but it has already revolutionized global finance. 


The exponential growth of recent times has led more and more people to wonder how to better invest in this cryptocurrency.

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Let’s start our review right away by offering a clear and timely explanation on how to buy bitcoins as quickly as possible.

How to buy bitcoin fast?

How to buy bitcoins quickly and safely? These are the 4 steps you need to  buy Bitcoin safely  and conveniently:

  1. Registration with a certified broker
  2. Choice of capital to invest
  3. Trade through the platform
  4. Withdrawal of benefits

By respecting these simple indications it will be possible to invest in BTC without any risk.

1. Registration

You will first need to complete the registration with the chosen Broker, for example eToro  . In this case, simply fill out an online form with the following details:

  • Own name
  • Last name
  • Email address

In addition to other data required by the Broker to  comply with all European regulations  on security and customer profiles.

This process takes a few minutes and we recommend having our identity card ready. Once we receive the email with the registration confirmation, we will move on to the next step.

2. Deposit

On platforms like eToro, making the deposit to activate our Trading account is very simple, since you can use different payment methods (  all extremely secure  ): debit / credit cards, bank transfer, skrill or Paypal.

The minimum deposit on eToro is € 50 and the money in the account will remain our property. We will be free to invest or withdraw them at any time, without restrictions.

Many brokers also allow you to buy Bitcoin with Paypal,  to optimize security and speed. On the contrary, it will not be possible to invest in Bitcoin through bank transfers.

Bitcoin was born with the aim of  defending the privacy of its users. However, paradoxically, with the great success of digital currency it has become almost impossible to buy Bitcoin anonymously.

This crypto cannot be purchased without securely verifying the identity of the buyer, as the transaction must be tracked and secure.


3. Negotiation

At this stage we are faced with a double option: to trade Bitcoin by buying the Token or by speculating with CFDs?

In the first case, when physically buying the Token, the Broker that allows you to do it safely and without commissions is eToro . Simply register and click on your chosen Asset, in this case BTC, to proceed with your purchase.

There are no commissions and it will be enough to keep the Token in our account, without resorting to external Wallets:


Alternatively, we can choose to trade Bitcoin on a trading account that allows short selling through CFD contracts.

In fact, it is appropriate to specify that  Brokers like eToro allow you to trade CFDs  , this implies that it is possible to win in both market scenarios. How?

  • Bullish CFD (win with bullish)
  • Bearish CFD (profit down)

This trading method is much more practical and convenient than exchanges, for this reason, at Inversiones24 we recommend trading cryptocurrencies  at CFD Brokers, as we will see better later.


4. Withdrawal

If we are going to operate with the Exchange, when we want to withdraw our money we must take into account that our earnings (in cryptocurrencies) must first be converted into dollars and then into our currency, in euros. A long process that involves commissions and risks of eroding our profits!

Both Cryptocurrency Exchange and CFDs with Brokers allow you to withdraw through the main credit cards:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American express

The difference, as clarified in the previous paragraph, is  security . While regulated platforms must comply with a series of very strict rules imposed at the European level, exchanges operate with much more freedom. That is why many are suspicious. To leave your credit card details on these platforms.

In contrast, brokers like eToro allow you to request a withdrawal in the same way that you made the deposit. All very simple and immediate  , with total security for our funds.

Ultimately, buying Bitcoin is certainly a quick and potentially very convenient process, as long as you choose the best platforms to do so.


Bitcoin BTC quotation in real time

The chart shows the real-time quotes of Bitcoin BTC:

Where to buy Bitcoin BTC?

Where can Bitcoins be bought? There are several options to buy online: Exchanges and CFD broker.

What is the difference between the two? What are the main characteristics? Let’s go in order to talk about the exchange first.


To  invest in Bitcoin on cryptocurrency exchanges, it is necessary to open an account and provide an identity document. In most cases, those who choose this path then transfer the bitcoins to a wallet.

Is it worth buying Bitcoin with exchanges? The following disadvantages should be taken into account:

  • Chance to win only in case of an increase in BTC
  • Presence of fixed commissions on executed, deposits and withdrawals
  • Lack of official regulation
  • Lack of customer service in Italian

How to avoid putting your capital at risk even when   the  price of Bitcoin falls  ? Referring to CFDs, we see in the following lines what they are and why it is appropriate to choose them for your investments.

There are very popular exchanges like Coinbase  or Binance,  however problems with regulators are on the agenda.

The advantage is physically owning the Bitcoin, but in this case our profit will be there only if BTC increases in value over time. Cryptocurrencies have probably also accustomed us to disastrous drops!

Online brokers 

When talking about the best solution to buy Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies , it often happens that CFD brokers are involved.

Why buy Bitcoin with CFD brokers? For the following reasons:

  • Safe and certified platforms
  • CFDs to invest even in the event of a recession
  • Low spreads
  • Zero fixed costs
  • Customer service in Spanish

On the contrary,  exchanges cannot guarantee any kind of collateral  and often turn out to be real scams.


Is it possible to buy Bitcoins at the bank? Not at the moment, as banks do not allow the purchase of BTC over the counter or on their online investment platforms.

Some are preparing to provide integrated services with blockchains and digital currencies, however, there is still a long way to go.

Here’s an example: is it possible to buy bitcoins at La Caixa? The answer is no, although obviously we can use the funds we have in the bank to make a transfer to a broker and buy Bitcoins.

This is an indirect trading method, due to the fact that digital currencies aim to replace banks on the global financial landscape.

Best platforms to buy Bitcoins

CFD management is very simple, but it should not be underestimated. To avoid problems, it is advisable to first consult safe and legal cryptocurrency platforms to buy Bitcoin without paying commissions.

At  Inversiones24  we have selected 3 authorized brokers to buy Bitcoins safely:

  • eToro
  • LiquidityX
  • Iq Option


eToro is the number one platform in the world, which has around 14 million users worldwide and is considered the leading broker in the Online Trading sector, thanks to its wide range of services and above all safely with CySEC license.

Here are the CFDs to buy Bitcoin with eToro:


Its advantages include, above all, the possibility of copying, completely automatically , what the best traders do: Copy Trading  .

How does this system work? There is a very efficient internal search engine that allows you to find the best traders. It is possible to see the profit obtained in the past and also the level of risk associated with each of these investors (called Popular Investors).

Based on this data, it is easy to make a choice: with one click you can select an investor and the system will   automatically  replicate all your trades.


It is no coincidence that many of those who start buying Bitcoin for the first time do so with eToro: not only can they invest immediately, but they can also learn by watching what the great experts do.



LiquidityX is another great option to buy Bitcoin.

Thanks to  the CySEC license, it allows you to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies safely. In addition, one of its advantages are its two commercial platforms:

  • Metatrader 4  is a platform with numerous tools available, which meets the needs of the most experienced traders.
  • Web platform  is simple and accessible from any browser, without the need to download any software.

LiquidityX offers a  free , unlimited and unrestricted demo account , thanks to this demo you can practice without investing real money and buy cryptocurrencies to fine-tune the technique absolutely risk-free, since it is traded with virtual money.



XTB is the preferred solution for many beginners who start buying Bitcoin for investment purposes.

The Broker is completely free and does not charge commissions. The best thing about this broker is that you can start with an initial investment of only 10 euros and you can buy Bitcoin safely! 

The platform has a very high-quality training center , with webinars and educational material to download in PDF. XTB is a good alternative for those who are starting out in the world of trading.

In addition, you can start using the free Demo account offered by the platform and practice as long as necessary.



How to sell Bitcoins?

Well, now we have discovered the best solution to buy our favorite cryptocurrency. However, many investors wonder:  how to sell Bitcoins?

The process is not as trivial as it sounds, as BTC is not yet a fully regulated Asset and therefore you need to proceed with caution before you can convert Bitcoin to euros.

To sell Bitcoin and convert the relative amount into euros there are  3 solutions:

  1. Using our CFD Broker
  2. Trusting the Exchange
  3. Using ATMs

The first solution is the most concrete and immediate: it is enough to close the open position and then  request the withdrawal . In approximately 24 hours, the funds will be visible in the account. Since the money will be disbursed by the Broker there will be no problem with the declaration of the funds received.

Exchanges offer a similar structure since it will be possible to sell Bitcoin by closing the position and requesting the amount won on our credit card. In this case , some inconveniences could arise  , since these intermediaries usually have their registered office outside European borders.

This means that before seeing the money in our account, the bank can request detailed information about the origin of the Funds at the risk of blocking the transfer.

Other solutions used to sell Bitcoin BTC are  ATMs , although for now they are almost exclusively present in the United States. Or, use the Marketplace to physically meet with the buyer and get cash . However, given the very high risks of this modality, we advise against meeting in person.

Buy Bitcoins without commissions

Is it possible to buy Bitcoins without commissions? Definitely yes, as long as we choose the right platform.

For example, exchanges charge fixed fees for each transaction. So to buy our Bitcoins we will have to pay a percentage in relation to the amount of the operation.

If we want to buy Bitcooin without fixed costs we have two options:

  • eToro
  • Markets

Both platforms are regulated and offer the possibility of buying cryptocurrencies , safely and without commissions.

It will also be possible to trade CFDs, but those who want to own the Token will find in these 2 online brokers an advantageous and safe solution to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Buy Bitcoins for cash

Easy and immediate, many investors wonder if it is possible to buy bitcoins for cash.

Of course it is possible, but the risks are enormous . You need to make appointments with the people who own Bitcoins, meet up, and proceed with the transaction. Since everything happens online, it is necessary to check with people whether the tokens have been transferred to our Wallet and, accordingly, pay the seller in cash.

Other portals such as Paxful , to bypass security, allow buyers to sell online and make cash payments. However, there are very few offers available.

The risks are high, since we can often find ourselves in front of scammers: the cases of robberies after appointments of this type are frequent .

Using your credit card on certified sites like eToro is much safer and does not expose us to any kind of risk.

What can you buy with Bitcoin?

Many investors see Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as perfect digital assets for speculation. The main objective is to buy the cryptocurrency, store it in our Wallet and wait for an increase in value.

However, digital currencies also have practical applications. What can you buy with Bitcoin? There are more and more Marketplace that allow you to buy products in digital tokens.

The latest news is of great impact: Elon Musk has stated that it will be possible to buy Tesla cars even with Bitcoins. A historical turning point that brings BTC closer to the real world of the economy.

However, rumors from the United States even talk about the possibility of integrating the payment with bitcoins in Amazon. This would represent a huge step forward for the cryptomondo, with the demand for digital currencies increasing exponentially.

Is it possible to buy with bitcoin on Amazon today? Not yet, but according to rumors as early as 2022 this incredible opportunity could exist.


In this guide we at  Inversiones24 have taken care of providing valid solutions to  buy Bitcoin  in the best way.

It is clear that the possibility of buying Bitcoin through an exchange is not convenient. On the contrary, with the best CFD platforms you can buy the main cryptocurrencies efficiently, easily and quickly without buying them directly.

This allows you to win even in the event of a drop in BTC (simply by activating the bearish CFD) and monetize the investment with one click.

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