Buying Google stocks: complete guide to investing


When you buy Google shares, you invest in one of the world’s largest companies.

Within the technological actions, it is one of the main sectorial powers, which, in addition, with its policy of purchasing other projects and companies has grown exponentially in the last 20 years.


Investing in Google not only means betting on technology, but on one of the main Big Tech in the market.

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Before considering the investment in Google (or in any other asset) it is important to reflect on three aspects:

  1. What money can you allocate for investment
  2. What type of investment do you feel most comfortable with?
  3. What platform to use to manage your investments

The decision about the amount of money you are going to invest is personal, it must be reasoned and in general it should never exceed an amount of money that you can afford to lose.

During this guide, along with Google actions, we will also analyze responses to points two and three. We will review the figure of CFDs as an affordable and comfortable type of investment, and the best stock brokers to invest.

How to buy Google shares?

Buying Google shares means investing in one of the most important technology companies in the world. It is a company that has changed the way of understanding communication, and that generates multimillion-dollar income from its different lines of business.

There are very different formulas that allow us to invest in Google shares. In this case we are going to focus on what CFDs provide.

Contracts for difference are a derivative financial product. Eliminate some of the problems of traditional investment such as commissions on cash shares. And it brings some advantages to take into account.

The investment formula is based on not buying the asset and speculating on how it will evolve in the market. In this way, when opening a contract for difference we can:

  • Open a bullish CFD if we think Google stocks are going to rise
  • Open a bearish CFD if we think Google stocks are going to go down

In addition to the above, some relevant characteristics of this type of product must be taken into account:

  1. Commissions do not apply
  2. They allow to operate in different terms, even in just a few seconds
  3. They allow diversification by accessing a huge amount of assets

The investment through contracts for difference needs to be executed in a safe environment like the best stock brokers. We will now analyze two of the best on the market.

Where to buy Google shares?

In the offer of Trading platforms we will find a great diversity of proposals. However, not all brokers are the same.

When selecting which platform you are going to work with, it is important to take into account some aspects that are definitely relevant and can condition both the investment and its security. Some of these aspects are:

  • Be regulated and registered with the relevant regulatory authorities
  • Offer safe and comfortable environments for the user
  • Offer added values ​​such as demo accounts, automated investment tools, trading signals

Two platforms that meet all these requirements are eToro and Plus500.


eToro is considered one of the best brokers on the market. It has been operating for more than a decade and has been trusted by millions of investors.

It is a regulated broker that complies with current regulations regarding the marketing of the products it offers. In short, it is one of the most popular and widely recognized brokers globally.

eToro operates on its own web platform. It is a comfortable and safe platform, very suitable for any investor profile.

Some notable features of eToro:

  • Low spreads
  • Large amount of assets; stocks, currencies, cryptocurrencies, indices, ETFs
  • Functional demo account with all broker options
  • Automated investment system with Copy Trading

The copy trading system is a significant improvement over other automated investment models. It allows you to copy the strategies of professional investors and replicate them automatically. In this way you aspire to profitability like a professional without having to be one.



Plus500 is another of the most recognized trading platforms on the market. In addition to its benefits, which we will see later, it is also known for great sponsorships such as the one it carries out with the Spanish first division soccer team Atlético de Madrid.

Beyond its sponsorship operations, it is a regulated and safe platform, reliable and with very good reviews from its users.

One of the relevant aspects for which this platform stands out is the large number of assets that it allows to use to invest with CFDs. It is considered to be one of the platforms with the highest volume of asset proposals. Therefore, a very interesting environment for diversification.

It proposes investing from a web platform with easy and very comfortable access, intuitive in which usability stands out, available to both veterans and people with little experience.


Some relevant features of Plus500 are the following:

  • Wide variety of assets to invest on with CFDs
  • Comfortable platform to invest with easy access and clear and efficient profits
  • Training and information tools available to the user
  • Possibility of investing from very affordable amounts

On the other hand, in addition to having a demo account that allows you to test all the functions without assuming a risk. It also stands out for having a favorable policy regarding the deposit and withdrawal of money.


History and general data of Google shares

The history of Google began in 1995 , when Larry Page met Sergey Brin. In 1996, the couple began working on a search engine called BackRub.

The name comes from the classification generated by the algorithm according to the number of “back-links” that a page has. This engine ran on Stanford servers for over a year before it ended up clogging bandwidth and being forced to move. Google.com was registered on September 15, 1997.

Google was incorporated on September 4, 1998 as a private company. The founders opened a bank account and were finally able to deposit Bechtolsheim’s investment.

  • In 2001 there was the first public acquisition of Google, the Usenet service Deja.com.
  • In 2002, Google introduced additional advertising services with its Google Search Appliance and the addition of cost-per-click pricing to its Adwords. Google Labs was also born in 2002 and the company opened its first office in Australia.
  • In 2003, Google acquired Pyra Labs and announced Google AdSense that allowed advertisers to easily connect to vast networks of websites.
  • In 2007, Fortune ranked Google the number one company to work for. Streetview debuted that year. The Android operating system was also created in 2007.
  • Google Chrome was born in 2008 and quickly became one of the most widely used web browsers in the world.
  • In 2015, Google underwent a divisional and personnel restructuring under the conglomerate name Alphabet.

Sergey Brin became the president of the newly created parent company, and Larry Page the CEO. Brin’s position at Google was filled with the promotion of Sundar Pichai.

Evolution of Google and business model

The revenue Google is mainly composed of:

  1. Direct advertising from Google in their environments (Google Ads).
  2. Advertising on members of the Google network (Google AdSense for websites and Google AdMob for applications in the Play store)
  3. YouTube Ads
  4. Google cloud
  5. Other channels
  6. AdWords and AdSense combined made Google one of the most powerful technology companies in the world. Of course, Google got there because it was backed by a great service, a search engine capable of making you find any type of information on a website made up of billions of pages.

    However, without such a powerful business model, that search engine would not exist today. Also, most if not all of Google’s existing applications (Google docs or Gmail, to name a few) would not exist were it not for the revenue stream generated over the years by Google’s business model.

    In other words, a well-designed business model has to create value for stakeholders and not just for shareholders. Google enables one billion people every day to find the answers they need.

    Businesses can improve their revenue through AdWords by tracking their spend, conversion, and opportunities.

    Content creators can easily monetize their content by allowing Google to display targeted ads within their ‘web properties’.

    This is how Google went from zero to more than eight hundred billion market capitalization.

    Google financial data

    Here are the main financial data of the company, earnings and to find out if it is worth buying Google shares:

    Data Amounts (USD) Variation%
    Income 56.90 thousand M + 23.49%
    Net income 15.23 mil +42.70%
    Box 26.47 mil +43.07%
    Profit margin 26.76% +15.54%

    Google Competitors

    Google’s competition is often associated with the so-called FAANGs, five of the companies with the highest capitalization and impact within the technology sector in recent decades.

    However, within Google’s competition we have decided to also include some other companies that are not within that acronym, but that are part of the competition in some or all of the fields in which the giant Google operates.

    • Baidu
    • Microsoft
    • Manzana
    • Amazon
    • Facebook

    Google Stock Trends and Forecasts

    What are the forecasts for Google shares? The latest company data has been above expectations and Google’s growth in the markets seems unstoppable.

    The stock was worth $ 1000 in 2018 and already looked high to many investors. Over the next 24 months, the value continued to increase to nearly $ 3,000 per share.

    It follows that the trend was marked by an upward trend that still has no end. The forecasts are undoubtedly 3000 as a target for the next two years.

    The dominant position of Google in the markets certainly helps generate profits, making the California company among one of the best American actions in history!

    One detail: Google does not issue dividends for its shareholders, one more reason to speculate on the trend of the shares with CFDs rather than owning the shares.


    Buying Google shares is betting on one of the world’s leading technology companies. It is a giant that evolves in growth mode from practically the same moment of its foundation.

    The company has become one of the five most recognized technology companies with the highest market capitalization. It is a very important action to consider when investing.

    In the guide we have also verified how CFDs are comfortable tools that allow you to invest for or against the evolution of the asset without actually buying it and with the added value of not applying commissions.

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