How much does a Logistician earn in Brasil


Do you know how much a Logistician earns? Learn more about the profession, the job market and the average salary!

The logistics enhances the operating performance of a company. He is responsible for the intelligence of processes such as transport, storage, purchasing, distribution and delivery of products.


The market for logistics is in full swing. Industries, ports, airports, carriers, e-commerce, wholesalers and retailers continue to look for qualified professionals to help the company reduce costs, increase efficiency and competitiveness. And the best part: they are willing to pay well for it!

See below the operating scenario of a logistics, the average salary and the best opportunities for those who want to join this career!

Minimum Professional Logistics Salary

Logisticians do not have a single professional minimum wage throughout Brazil.

Salary floors are defined according to the work area in which the logistics work: commerce, services, industry, transport, etc. Each of these areas has a corresponding union and the values ​​change according to the collective agreements and conventions defined with employers.

In São Paulo, the base salary for a technologist in transport logistics is R$2,332.

The only exception is for engineers working in the field of logistics. The category has a Professional Minimum Salary defined by law, valid throughout the national territory. The amount is linked to the current minimum wage and varies according to the daily working hours. According to legislation, a logistical engineer must earn:

  • 6 minimum wages for a 6-hour workday
  • 7.25 minimum wages for a 7-hour workday
  • 8.5 minimum wages for an 8-hour workday

Average Salary of a Logistics

The average salary of the logistician changes according to the position he holds in a given company. It is a career with countless acting possibilities. The professional can work with process management, operations, production, or even assume roles of foreman, coordinator, director, etc.

Logistics is a well-paid career , particularly in industry.

Check the national averages for some positions, according to a survey by the National Employment Site (Sine). The variation is related to the professional’s length of experience and the size of the company in which he works.

  • Logistics Master: BRL 2,000 to BRL 4,300
  • Logistics Agent: BRL 1,300 to BRL 3,300
  • Logistics Head: BRL 1,600 to BRL 10,200
  • Logistics Analyst: BRL 1,600 to BRL 6,800
  • Logistics Consultant: BRL 1,800 to BRL 11,700
  • Logistics Supervisor: BRL 1,600 to BRL 10,200
  • Logistics Director: BRL 5,200 to BRL 33,600

Where are the best salaries for Logistics

The best salaries for logisticians are in the engineering area (civil construction, planning, natural resources) Here a Director of Operations or Director of Procurement? positions that can be occupied by logistics – you can earn up to R$45,000 per month.

Check out the salary averages extracted from a survey carried out by Exame Magazine and by the Robert Half consultancy:

 Operations / Industrial Director

  • Minimum: from BRL 18,000 to BRL 30,000 (small or medium-sized company)
  • Maximum: from BRL 25,000 to BRL 45,000 (large company)

Supply Chain Director

  • Minimum: from BRL 18,000 to BRL 27,000 (small or medium-sized business)
  • Maximum: from BRL 25,000 to BRL 45,000 (large company)

Purchasing / Logistics Manager

  • Minimum: from BRL 6,000 to BRL 10,000 (small or medium business)
  • Maximum: from BRL 14,000 to BRL 30,000 (large company)

Logistic coordenator

  • Minimum: from BRL 3,000 to BRL 6,000 (small or medium-sized business)
  • Maximum: from BRL 10,000 to BRL 12,000 (large company)

The labor market for Logistics

The market for logistics is heated, but it still lacks highly qualified personnel. The situation is a reflection of the growth of the Brazilian industrial park, the strengthening of markets and new forms of commerce (online, for example).

The best markets for logistics professionals are in areas with a high concentration of industries, services and transport structure. In this regard, São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, Paraná and Bahia are the largest contractors. The highest average salary is in the state of Minas Gerais: R$ 4,014.

To get a good salary in the logistics area, as with other professions, it is necessary to invest in experience and training. Specialization and MBA courses are essential.

How to become a Logistics

The absolute majority of higher courses in Logistics recognized by the MEC are technological degrees , with a duration of two years. Many can also be done remotely, via the internet.

Check out some institutions authorized by the MEC to offer the Logistics course. All of them participate in programs such as FIES and ProUni, in addition to working with scholarships, agreements, discounts and financing without bureaucracy:

  • Anhanguera Educational Center (ANHANGUERA)
  • Cruzeiro do Sul Virtual (from a distance)
  • Cruzeiro do Sul University (UNICSUL)
  • University City of São Paulo (UNICID)
  • University of France (UNIFRAN)
  • North Paraná University (UNOPAR)
  • UNIBTA University Center

The Ministry of Education recognizes only three bachelor’s degree courses in the area, but with a focus on engineering: Transport Engineering and Logistics and Railway Engineering and Logistics, at the federal universities of Santa Catarina, Santa Maria (RS) and Pará.

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