How much does a Marketing Professional earn in Brasil


See how much a Marketing professional earns, stay on top of the profession, the job market and where to find the best opportunities in the area!

The Marketing is the area responsible for the image of a company in front of your audience. It is a profession that focuses on the customer and their needs.


The Marketing professional develops consumer profile studies, develops communication strategies and helps to define the market positioning of the company where he works.

Although it is a very competitive market, Marketing is one of the fastest growing areas in Brazil, with salaries that can reach R$ 65,000 in management positions. Of course, getting there is not easy and the aspiring to this career will have to study and work hard to get a good job.

Find out how much a Marketing professional earns in the various career fields and discover where the best opportunities in the area are!

Marketing Professional’s Salary Floor

Marketing professionals do not have a single salary floor valid throughout the national territory.

Nor do they always have a union that represents them with employers. When there is any reference to the salary floor, it is usually applied to people who work in support of marketing actions, such as telemarketing operators, attendants, sales promoters, etc.

These values ​​vary according to the branch of the company in which the support professional works: commerce, services, industry, transport.

According to the Publicity Union of São Paulo, the base salary in the state is R$ 1,237.

Average Salary of a Marketing Professional

Marketing, in general, is a well-paid profession in Brazil. Below are some examples of salaries for the main positions these professionals may occupy, according to the Catho Salary and Benefits Survey:

Market intelligence

  • Manager: BRL 7,734
  • Consultant: BRL 4,312
  • Coordinator: BRL 5,958
  • Supervisor: BRL 6,688
  • Analyst: BRL 3,283


  • Director: BRL 12,500
  • Manager: BRL 8,197
  • Expert: BRL 4,124
  • Coordinator: BRL 4,531
  • Supervisor: BRL 3,060
  • Consultant: BRL 3,161
  • Marketing Analyst: BRL 2,765
  • Marketing Advisor: R$1,699
  • Assistant: BRL 1,713

Digital marketing

  • Manager: BRL 4,669
  • Coordinator: BRL 3,651
  • Analyst: BRL 2,315

Best Salaries for Marketing Professionals

The consulting firm Robert Half developed a study on the best salaries in the Marketing area and found that, even in an unstable economic scenario, the remuneration of professionals in the area rose between 1 and 11% compared to the previous year.

The best opportunities are in management positions , where salaries can reach R$ 65,000 . Check the averages paid to various functions of Marketing professionals, according to the study:

Commercial director

  • Small and medium companies: from BRL 21,000 to BRL 40,000
  • Large companies: from BRL 22,000 to BRL 55,000

Marketing director

  • Small and medium companies: from R$20,000 to R$30,000
  • Large companies: from BRL 22,000 to BRL 45,000

National sales manager

  • Small and medium companies: from BRL 15,000 to BRL 27,000
  • Large companies: from BRL 17,000 to BRL 30,000

Regional Sales Manager

  • Small and medium companies: from BRL 10,000 to BRL 20,000
  • Large companies: from BRL 12,000 to BRL 26,000

Product manager

  • Small and medium companies: from BRL 7,600 to BRL 15,000
  • Large companies: from BRL 8,000 to BRL 20,000

Communication Coordinator

  • Small and medium companies: from BRL 6,000 to BRL 10,000
  • Large companies: from BRL 7,000 to BRL 12,000

The Market for the Marketing Professional

The Marketing career has been identified by Human Resources consultants as one of the most promising in the market, along with Finance, Engineering and Logistics.

The Brazilian market has been continuously professionalizing itself in order to remain competitive in a global scenario. As a result, vital areas for this growth, such as Marketing, had to accelerate their pace and anticipate the market trends that were ? and are they still? for coming.

The Marketing professional has a great responsibility to understand the market in order to unveil the consumer’s profile . With this, he can devise adequate communication and sales strategies.

There are job opportunities for the Marketing professional in service companies, retail, industries, public agencies and the third sector. As a strategic player, he needs to have a solid background and be able to think about actions, products and services that help to strengthen the company’s image with the public.

To get a good salary in this competitive market, it is necessary to invest in experience and training. Taking specialization courses in the field and mastering more than one language can be a good start!

There is a Bill of Law (1226/2007) in the Chamber of Deputies which proposes to regulate the career and restrict the exercise of the profession only to holders of a diploma in Marketing and related areas.

How to Become a Marketing Professional

Anyone wishing to pursue a career in the Marketing area can opt for two types of higher education courses : Bachelor’s and Technological.

The Bachelor in Marketing course lasts four years and the Technologist two. Both can be done in person or remotely.

There are several nomenclatures for these courses. Look:

  • Communication and Marketing
  • Strategic marketing
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Communication Management
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Retail Marketing Management
  • Tourism Marketing Management
  • Sales and Marketing Management
  • Small and Medium Business Marketing Management

We selected some institutions recognized and well evaluated by the MEC that offer undergraduate courses for those who want to work in the field of Marketing. All the colleges on our list participate in ProUni and FIES, in addition to having their own scholarship programs, agreements with companies and websites, discounts and free financing. Take a look:

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