How Much Does a Psychiatrist Make in Brasil


Do you know how much a Psychiatrist earns? Learn more about this professional’s career, job market and average salary!

The Psychiatrist is the physician responsible for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of mental disorders and behavioral disorders.


Brazil suffers from a great lack of Psychiatrists, despite the good salaries offered in the area. Mental illnesses, according to the Brazilian Psychiatric Association (ABP), are among the biggest causes of emergency care in the country. The ABP also estimates that around 20% of the world’s population may suffer some mental illness during their lifetime.

In other words: the field for this professional is wide and should increase even more in the coming years.

See below how much a Psychiatrist earns and discover the market trends for this profession!

Psychiatrist’s Minimum Professional Salary

Psychiatrists do not have a professional minimum wage or a single wage floor valid throughout the country.

A bill (2750/2011) in progress in the Chamber of Deputies seeks to set the salary floor of doctors at R$ 9,000, with annual adjustments. This project intends to transform Law No. 3999, of December 15, 1961, which established the salary floor for medical professionals, including Psychiatrists, in three minimum wages for a 20-hour workweek. This Law has been in effect for almost 60 years!

On the other hand, the National Federation of Physicians (Fenam) recommends a salary almost five times higher than that established by law: R$ 14,134 for 20 hours of work per week. This value currently serves to guide collective agreements and negotiations of the category by unions and try to reduce the salary inequalities of doctors in different regions of the country.

Average Salary of a Psychiatrist

Catho’s Online Salary and Benefits Survey shows that the Psychiatrist earns an average salary of R$5,869 .

The National Employment Site (Sine) brings a more encouraging perspective for Psychiatrists, with salaries ranging from R$4,200 to over R$20,000!

Check out some salary averages presented by the BNE, organized by time of experience and size of the institution where the professional works:

Junior Psychiatrist (2 to 4 years of experience)

  • Small business: BRL 6,200
  • Medium company: BRL 8,000
  • Large company: BRL 10,400

Full Psychiatrist (4 to 6 years of experience)

  • Small business: BRL 7,700
  • Medium company: BRL 10,000
  • Large company: BRL 13,000

Senior Psychiatrist (6 to 8 years of experience)

  • Small business: BRL 9,600
  • Medium company: BRL 12,500
  • Large company: BRL 16,200

Master psychiatrist (more than 8 years of experience)

  • Small business: BRL 12,000
  • Medium company: BRL 15,600
  • Large company: BRL 20,300

It is important to emphasize that most doctors usually have more than one job (their own practice, shifts, part-time in hospitals and clinics, etc.) and therefore have several sources of income . Actual earnings can be much higher than the wages reported here.

About the Psychiatrist Career

Are there approximately 8 thousand active psychiatrists in Brazil? a number considered low considering the country’s population. About 80% of these professionals work in the South and Southeast regions. There is a great lack of Psychiatrists in the North and Midwest, which together account for only 8.72% of the total of these doctors.

Psychiatry is an area in continuous growth. As science unravels the mysteries of the human brain, new disorders are identified and new forms of treatment emerge.

The work perspectives for the Psychiatrist are wide and the performance of this professional will be vital for humanity in the coming years. The World Health Organization estimates that by 2020, depression will unfortunately be the second biggest health problem in the world, second only to heart disease.

Meanwhile, diseases such as schizophrenia, anorexia, panic disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorders are being diagnosed more frequently.

In summary: whoever chooses to pursue a career in Psychiatry will have a lot of work ahead of them!

How to Become a Psychiatrist

To become a Psychiatrist, you must complete a six-year medical course and then enter a three-year Medical Residency or Specialization in Psychiatry.

The Medicine course is among the most popular in Brazil and can be found in the main public and private universities in the country.

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