How much does an Interior Designer earn in Brasil


Find out the interior designer’s starting salary and how much this professional can earn!

The interior designer is a professional connected to the field of architecture. Its function is to plan and organize internal spaces, whether commercial, residential or industrial, selecting materials, accessories, finishes and lighting, among others, reconciling factors such as aesthetics, ergonomics, practicality, comfort and adequacy to the client’s budget. The interior designer selects suppliers, provides advice to the client and is responsible for meeting the project schedule.


When preparing a project, the interior designer uses a specific methodology, which includes a survey of the client’s needs, research and adaptation to the building’s structure, location and how that environment will be used, among other items.

This professional can work as a self-employed person or in companies such as:

  • Builders
  • real estate
  • Design and architecture offices
  • Interior design companies and offices
  • Furniture and decoration stores
  • Malls, fairs and commercial establishments in general

The market for interior designers is wide and employability in the area is high.

Interior Designer Salary Floor

Interior designers do not have a defined wage floor or professional minimum wage.
Specialized websites and information provided by interior design schools speak of starting salaries of approximately R$1,000 for these professionals.

See the category floor in some states:

  • Bahia: BRL 1,770
  • Ceará: BRL 1,244
  • Maranhão: BRL 1,817
  • Rio de Janeiro: BRL 2,182
  • Federal District: BRL 2,382

Interior designer’s average salary

The interior designer’s remuneration varies a lot according to the city where he works, the type of project he carries out, his experience and qualifications.

The survey by the job site Catho indicates that the average salary for an interior designer is R$ 2,140. On the National Employment Site (Sine), the national salary survey shows an average that varies between R$ 1,552 and R$ 3,911, depending on the professional’s experience and the size of the contracting company.

About a career in Interior Design

There is a bill in progress to regulate the activity of interior designers, PL 4692/12. The purpose of this bill is to define that the profession of interior design is exercised by those who have qualifications in the area (bachelor, technologist, technician or professionals with a higher degree in related courses who have been engaged in the activity for at least two years).

As the profession of interior design is not regulated, there is no legal obligation to have a diploma to work in the area. However, investing in training courses, whether at a technical level, improvement, or higher education, increases the chances of getting and keeping a good job in the area.

In Brazil, there are 96 interior design courses authorized by the MEC: 90 technological, 2 sequential and 4 bachelor’s degrees. There are also technical-level interior design courses.

The interior designer has a vast field of activity, being able to teach in schools, set up his own office, provide consultancy or work in design and architecture offices. Designer furniture and home decor stores are the biggest employers of interior designers.

This professional can develop projects to:

  • Hotels
  • clinics
  • Business
  • booths
  • Individuals
  • architects
  • Construction Companies and Real Estate
  • Public agencies
  • schools and universities
  • Industry
  • Bars and restaurants
  • corporate market
  • theaters
  • Movie theaters

The growth of the real estate sector boosted and heated up the job market for interior designers, offering more vacancies and better salaries for these professionals. Experts point out that projects that take into account the sustainability and accessibility of environments are on the rise, as is the luxury market.

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