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In this guide we will discuss IG Markets , the # 1 broker in CFD income, has been trading the markets since 1974. Since then, their platform has been trying to innovate the way they trade, providing 4 different modes of operation.

🥇 Broker IG Markets
🏢 Headquarters London
⚖️ License FCA
⭕ Typology Market Maker
📈 Platforms Metatrader – WebTrader
💰 Minimum deposit € 300
🏆 Rating (0/5) ⭐️⭐️⭐️
IG Markets in detail

IG Markets has more than 239,000 clients   and more than 17,000 markets where you can trade.


The IG Markets platform  has no assets , all Trading operations are carried out in derivatives, which allows you to gain exposure to the markets without owning the underlying.

Next, we will analyze the costs, the services provided by the IG Markets platform and what users think about it.

IG Markets platform

The  IG Markets Trading platform  is designed to ensure fast and reliable execution and to ensure full control of trades.

The broker offers applications for tablets and smartphones , optimized for all devices that make the platform accessible even on the move.

The  desktop version of IG Markets  provides the technology of the most advanced trading platforms such as: L2 Dealer, ProRealtime and Metatrader 4.


Here is the selection of assets for Trading that IG Markets makes available:

  • Forex
  • Indices
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Commodoties
  • Bond
  • Choices
  • ETF

The Broker provides  access to more than 17,000 markets and 4 different products:

  • Turbo24: listed product, liquid, transparent and without commissions
  • Barrier: instrument that allows to maintain limited risk positions thanks to the automatic closing that is activated at a pre-established level
  • Vanilla option: suitable tool for experienced traders and similar to the  more traditional call and put options
  • CFD: derivative instruments that allow you to trade on the difference in the opening and closing price of the position.

IG Markets also offers its traders a  free demo account to practice without risking real money.

To switch to the real account, a minimum deposit of € 300 is needed , therefore slightly above competing brokers such as eToro , LiquidityX .

Regulation and Security IG Markets

IG Markets Ltd is based in London, it is subject to the regulation of the Financial Conduct Authority  (FCA), which establishes precisely what the company is authorized to do and how.

To do business on the European market, the company operates through   Frankfurt-based IG Europe GmbH , which is regulated by the Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BaFin) and the Deutsche Bundesbank.

BaFin supervises companies in  compliance with regulations that protect client funds : WpHG, MiFID and WpDVerOV.

The IC Market broker, as an investment company, is obliged to separate its own funds from those of its clients, carrying  out hedging operations only with its own resources.

IG is a  highly liquid company  and has more capital resources than required by regulatory standards.

IG Markets retail client funds are protected in several ways:

  • Client Funds are “segregated”, that is, they are deposited in separate bank accounts so that they are not confused with funds owned by IG.
  • In Hedging Operations with counterparties or other brokers involved in operations, IG uses only its own funds, in compliance with current regulations.
  • In the event that IG goes into liquidation, creditors will not be able to claim client funds.

The only clients subject to a different fund protection regime are professional clients and counterparties, who sign a  Transfer Note, a  legal document that explains exactly how their liquidity will be treated.

Tradable assets on IG Markets

What assets can be traded on IG Markets? Here’s a full review with all CFDs:


A good number of stocks and currencies, while the offer in cryptocurrencies could expand.

IG Markets commissions

As we mentioned, to start using the platform you need a minimum deposit of 300 euros. Opening an account is free, however there are additional fees.

The commissions applied to IG Markets products are diversified and applied with maximum transparency.

  • Turbo24 products include the spread that is calculated based on the prices available in Spectrum, the Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF)
  • Barrier and Option  , is subject to the payment of spreads (lower than CFDs) and commissions equivalent to € 0.10 charged at the opening and closing of the position
  • CFDs  , for  CFDs  that are not equities, only the payment of the spread is foreseen

Here is an overview of the additional fees expected to trade at IC Markets:

  • Overnight interest  , trading costs Turbo24, Barrera and CFD positions open after 23:00 CET
  • Premium knock-out and guaranteed stop  , a built-in protection tool to limit losses
  • CFD price information  , there is a monthly cost to view real-time stock prices
  • ProRealTime cards , free for the first calendar month and at a cost of € 30 per month if 4 operations are not performed per month
  • Guaranteed stop , optional function that must be activated and the cost of € 1.50 applies only if the stop is made
  • Commission  of  inactivity  of 14 € a month if the account has been inactive for over 2 years
  • Failure to submit the  required documentation of $ 50
  • Account commission  or conversion costs if you operate in markets with currencies other than yours

IG Markets offers  very advanced trading options, but for beginners, some fees can make the platform feel less convenient, a good option is eToro , the leading broker in the market with no commissions and low spreads.

Leverage at IG Markets

This Broker operates in Europe and therefore complies with ESMA regulations on Trading and Investments. According to the latest directives, the leverage offered to retail clients is as follows:

Actions 1: 5
Forex 1:30
Commodity 1:20
Indices 1:20
Cryptocurrencies 1: 2

Training and training IG Markets

IG Markets offers its users a true  trading school for  free and accessible to all users.

These are the IG Academy resources:

  • Interactive courses  , to learn the basics of trading thanks to infographics, videos and comprehension questionnaires.
  • Webinars , conducted by experienced traders ranging from the use of the IG platform to the most complex trading strategies.
  • Demo account  that allows you to practice with € 30,000 virtual

Training is available anywhere, anytime thanks  to the IG Academy app , which allows you to follow courses, videos, and webinars on any mobile device.

In short, we are talking about a  complete and free training resource , exactly like the LiquidityX ebook, a very useful resource for those who are starting in the world of trading, it offers complete information and practical exercises. In addition, it is one of the most downloaded resources in Spain.


IG Markets reviews and opinions

To conclude our analysis of IG Markets, let’s look at the  comments posted  on the Trustpilot platform by users of the platform.


Trustpilot has collected  reviews from 4,365 users who have defined IG Markets. More than half of the respondents give  positive feedback  especially for the quality of the assistance, the training provided at IG Academy and the support received.

Those who gave a  negative evaluation mainly complain of difficulties related to the handling of withdrawals.

Customer Service at IG Markets

The IG Markets Broker offers good customer service, by phone and by email.

Here are the reference contacts:



Pros and cons of the platform

We conclude our  analysis of IG Markets by  taking stock of all the pros and cons found so far.


  • 4 possible ways to invest
  • 70% positive user reviews
  • Demo platform available
  • Complete training, free and available from the application
  • Trading speed guaranteed by L2 Dealer, ProRealtime and Metatrader 4
  • Regulated by FCA, BaFin and Deutsche Bundesbank


  • Additional monthly fees compared to other online brokers on the market


At the end of the analysis we can say that IG Markets is a platform equipped with several advanced trading functions , which guarantees operating speed and maximum protection for its users.

Thanks to the  free demo and the IG Academy, anyone who wants to try their luck in the world of the Stock Market has the opportunity to train completely and free of charge.

Finally, the option of applying monthly fixed costs, although expensive for some types of Traders, is largely offset by the safety and performance of the services offered by IG Markets.

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