Rotterdam start-up conquers the hearts of construction professionals with Stella


The Stella from TimeScratch is a newly developed, professional online work registration program for the construction professional. It is an easy-to-use alternative to cumbersome and half-baked Excel and Word solutions. With Stella, the 150,000 independently operating construction professionals in the Netherlands can easily arrange their work registration online themselves.

Stella is a professional, digital assistant who provides 24/7 control over the order flow. From calculation to quotation, order confirmation, time registration, subsequent costing and of course the invoice. In this way, construction contractors do not have to waste a minute of their valuable time on unnecessary, extra actions. The tool was developed by TimeScratch, the company led by Martijn Venrooy and Enrico van den Houten.


Less valuable accountant time
Invoicing can easily be linked to the most commonly used administration packages, so that it runs neatly with the accounting. “That saves the necessary accountant time,” says Van den Houten. “Stella has now been certified by Twinfield and Snelstart and is being advised by freelance supporter DoorKees and paint wholesaler FH Louers. And that list is getting longer. “

In the cloud
Stella offers the independent construction professional many benefits. “Simple online calculations, quotations and invoices, for example,” says Van de Houten. “The entrepreneurs can work paperless with this and arrange everything in the cloud. In this way they keep a continuous overview of their order flow. The link with the accounting program is easy to set up. ”

Conquering the Dutch construction market
The program was initially developed for a building contractor who was looking for a simple work registration for his company. Stella has been further developed on this basis over the past three years. “Naturally with numerous additions and refinements that make the registration package suitable for the self-employed construction contractor. After an extensive test period, we have now started conquering the Dutch construction market ”, says Venrooy. For the time being, users can use Stella for free for the first 30 days, as a trial.

About us

• Stella is a product of TimeScratch BV and is the only online service that is fully aimed at relieving the self-employed construction professional in the field of work registration. Stella realizes this through a software solution in which the construction professional can independently perform all administrative actions from quotation to invoice. The functionalities and interface are in line with the work and way of thinking of the construction professional.

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