The best books on leadership


Leadership is one of the most important skills today, and not only at work but also in our daily lives. And it is that learning about this topic will help you to radically change the way you relate to others and it will be useful whether you are a manager of a multinational company, as if you are an entrepreneur, a student or an employee in a company. Big company.

If you want to become a leader, or a better one, it is best to seek advice. One tool to achieve this is the books on leadership and communication, as these can give you a guide on how to do things more effectively and thereby boost your career. These are the best leadership books that will change the way you think and act.


How to Win Friends and Influence People

So that you learn to relate to your environment in an assertive way

Of the recommended books on leadership, this is one of the most outstanding. So much so that it has sold more than 15 million copies and also has many favorable reviews. Its objective is to help the reader discover, develop and take advantage of these qualities of a leader that he has latent, but that he does not use.

Dale, Carnegie, its author, also focuses on teaching how to criticize objectively and constructively, preventing others from hating you for it. Invite them to speak first about their own mistakes to generate empathy in people. Remember that a leader does not give orders, but motivates by example and thanks to the strategies present in this text you will be able to learn to like others more.

The 7 habits of highly effective people

The keys to being a more effective person

One of the best-selling books on leadership is this text by Stephen Covey. In fact, it is considered a classic book for those seeking to prepare for a successful life. If you want to lead a work team, for example, you need to start by leading your own life and this implies changing what is not working.

This book invites you to adopt 7 habits of life that will help you escape from the overwhelming and monotonous reality in which you live and move towards the realization of all your goals. These habits are related to self-control or control to be more independent, with your environment of people and with the renewal that we can do in ourselves to be better.

The leader who had no position

Its objective? Make you see that you can change the world around you if you put your mind to it

Being a leader is an innate quality, you just need to develop it. This is what Robin Sharma proposes in his book The Leader Who Had No Position . Sharma has worked as a leadership advisor at big companies like Nike, Microsoft, and even NASA, so there’s no question that he knows what he’s talking about.

In this text, the author shares a series of tips that will help you achieve your goals both in the personal, work and professional sphere. Explain in an entertaining and simple way that we all have the ability to be leaders, but make it clear that our commitment and responsibility is what will make the difference between a leader and another who does not seem to be. This book will make you see that you can change your world if you have enough effort and knowledge to achieve it.

Delivering Happiness How to make your employees happy and double your profits?

How to get happy employees and customers

Learning to cultivate transformational leadership is very important today when there is so much competition and companies must learn to differentiate themselves from the rest. The example Tony Hsieh shows in this book is perfect for understanding how an inspiring and charismatic leader can transform a company from the ground up.

After becoming CEO of Zappo, Hsieh built a highly successful business on two premises: putting the customer first and hiring the right people. He focused on making customer service a priority for the entire company and motivating his employees to be independent by doing their jobs. In this way everyone was happy and satisfied, thus by creating a pleasant environment the profits multiplied. In this book you will discover how happiness is an effective business model.

Leaders eat last

Why do some work teams work and others don’t?

If you are looking for books on business leadership, this Simon Sinek Best Seller will make you understand a lot about this topic. The author, after spending years observing the way some work teams work, wrote this text in which he talks about a new concept, the Safety Circle.


He explains that only those companies capable of managing dangers from within their organizations will be able to cope with external dangers that could make them vulnerable. The title of the book came from a conversation with a general who said that “Officers eat last. Sinek observed that it was indeed the case, those who eat first are the soldiers and at the bottom of the line are those with the highest rank. This principle is key in organizations as well, as good leaders must genuinely care for the people who have been entrusted to them.

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

Learn what the universal laws of leadership are

Are there universal laws for leadership? According to John Maxwell yes, and if you follow them it is almost certain that people will follow you. This book explains the art and science of being a leader from an easy-to-understand and easy-to-apply level. It will help you understand what your strengths are and in which areas you have the most opportunities to develop as a leader.


The author has combined more than 40 years of successes and errors in leadership in this text, taking as a reference his observations not only in the business world, but also in sports, religion, politics and even in the field. military. Therefore, these lessons are not only applicable to be leaders and motivators at work, but also in day to day. Therefore this is one of those books that mark you for life.

Talk Like TED: Nine Secrets to Communicate Used by the Best

To learn to communicate effectively

One of the leadership books you can’t stop reading is Talk Like in TED . Every leader needs to master the art of words and if you want to communicate with confidence and assertiveness, you must learn strategies that help you express your ideas in a much more motivating and persuasive way.


In this book you will find the secrets to succeed in any public exhibition and captivate your audience. Its author is Carmine Gallo, a presentation coach who has analyzed hundreds of TED presentations and has also interviewed successful speakers, communication experts, psychologists and neuroscientists. According to Gallo, the most popular presentations share nine common elements and these are the ones you must learn to master in order to learn to communicate more effectively.

Leadership: The Power of Emotional Intelligence

A toolbox to become a leader

Emotional intelligence plays a key role in leadership and Daniel Goleman has highlighted this in this book. He dedicated himself to putting together works from more than 20 years that clearly illustrate the impact this type of intelligence has on organizational excellence. And this text raises the basic principles of emotional intelligence, such as self-management, self-awareness, social awareness and the ability to manage relationships, and their relationship with job success.


Each chapter in this book represents a unique and useful artifact that can help leaders guide their team and motivate them effectively. Present tips, examples, and anecdotes that will help you improve your skills and abilities to become a good leader.


Learn how motivation influences team efficiency

This is a book on motivation and leadership ( whose philosophy we talked about a while ago ) different from the rest because it is based on the story of a fable. Therefore, if you enjoy reading stories or experiences, this text will become one of your favorites. Stephen C. Lundin and Harry Paul are the authors of this text whose main character is Mary Jane, a woman who begins to feel that her work is monotonous, boring and meaningless.


After analyzing herself and her work team, Mary Jane manages to identify what is wrong and discovers four secrets to create more productive and motivated environments. The fable shows that making our work and team successful is in our hands.

The High Potential Leader

To learn how to develop and train a high potential leader

If you are wondering which are the best books on leadership, this text by Ram Charan cannot be missing from the list. Knowing how to identify and deploy talent in a company is what makes one organization better than another in terms of productivity, profits and a good work environment. For this reason, this book is dedicated to showing high-potential leaders, those who will one day lead large companies.


Charan, as an advisor to many CEOs and corporate boards, explains in his book a strategy that every person with great potential needs to maximize their talent in any organization.

Develop the leader in you 2.0

Practical leadership ideas

When it comes to life-changing books, this text by John Maxwell cannot be left out. And it is that 25 ago, when the first version of this book was published, the author transformed the way of seeing leadership. Now, the renowned coach and speaker has revamped his work to include leadership ideas and practices he learned in the years since the original publication.

Develop the leader that is in you 2.0 is a text with which you can explore and improve your leadership skills. It also presents the differences between different leadership styles and shows the basic principles for motivating and influencing others. It also enables readers to learn how to be more effective by understanding the five characteristics that distinguish leading managers from ordinary managers.

Quick and Nimble (English)

Success stories that leave lessons

Among the options of literature on leadership, this book by Adam Bryant stands out because it tells what few have dared to ask. What are the secrets of the world’s top CEOs for taking their companies to the top of success?

The editor of the newspaper The New York Times answered this question with a series of interviews with more than 200 leaders of small and large companies. There these executives share their best and worst experiences and Bryant has transformed them into valuable advice for those like them who aim to reach the top.

The 8 keys to the leadership of the monk who sold his Ferrari

To learn to cultivate a more humane and efficient business culture

Another of the best recommended books on leadership is this one by Robin Sharma, which was also born from the famous book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari . The 8 Keys to Leadership of the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is a spiritual fable in which 8 lessons of business success are presented.

It tells the story of Julián, a successful lawyer who after suffering a heart attack caused by his obsession with his business and money decided to change his life. He abandoned what he had and moved to India to live with monks who taught him many lessons for life and business. One of them is having the ability to lead with the mind and lead with the heart.

Who has taken my cheese?

To face changes in the best way

If there is something constant in life, it is precisely changes, so knowing how to adapt to them is key to moving forward. This book by Spencer Johnson offers a surprising way to cope with changes at work and in private life. It is one of those books that mark you because it leaves teachings that can be applied in all areas of life.


It is a motivational text written as a parable. The author describes change in work and life, and four typical reactions people often have, including resisting change for fear of worse. Johnson explains in these pages that many of the formulas that were previously applicable have already become obsolete, so it is necessary to move towards new things without fear.


A book to stop being another sheep in the flock

This is one of the books on leadership in a company that you cannot stop reading, especially if what you are looking for is to train yourself to lead people well. Seth Godin explains in this work that human beings have always sought to be part of a tribe, whether guided by ideals, religious beliefs, etc. Now, it can be said that there is a version 2.0 of the tribes, which are the ones found on social networks.

The author identifies the problem of the current tribes and offers information so that you stop being another sheep in the flock and become a leader. The book will teach you to influence the masses, echo among people, and guide them towards a goal.

Drive (English)

To know the pillars of motivation

The author of this book is Daniel H. Pink, a leading world-class business advisor. He wrote this book to teach people the keys to how to motivate those around us and in it he establishes the differences between extrinsic and intrinsic motivation. It is ideal for all those leaders and entrepreneurs who want to optimize the achievements of their organization.

Drive shows, through research, that the rewards and punishments companies often give to employees do not lead to good long-term results. Explain that only intrinsic motivation is capable of delivering positive results to companies. For this reason, it offers strategies to make people truly engage with the goals and at the same time feel valued.

Start with Why: How Great Leaders Motivate Action

The importance of why you do things

This is a new Spanish edition of Simon Sinek’s first book. It stands out because it is the basis of one of the most viewed TED videos. In a text that focuses on the importance of why things are done and not so much on what is done.


The author makes it clear that learning to ask the right questions is key to having innovative projects and committed people to develop them.

Master Your Focus: A Practical Guide to Stop Chasing the Next Thing and Focus on What Matters Until It’s Done (English)

To really discover what productivity is and how to master it

This is the third book in a series called ‘Mastery Series’. The first is Master Your Emotions: A Practical Guide to Overcome Negativity and Better Manage Your Feelings and the second is Master Your Motivation: A Practical Guide to Unstick Yourself, Build Momentum and Sustain Long-Term Motivation .


In this third text, Thibaut Meurisse, its author, wants you to discover what real productivity is and how you can master it, the three types of approach that exist and how you can develop them, how to stop jumping from one thing to another and complete your tasks more important, how to achieve more by doing less, among other strategies.

The Coaching Habit: Say Less, Ask More & Change the Way You Lead Forever (English)

Teaches how to unlock the potential of people

In this text, Michael Bungay Stanier seeks to make coaching a regular and informal part of the day to day so managers and their teams can work less hard and have more impact. This is achieved by unlocking people’s potential through constant training.


This book combines inside information with research based on neuroscience and behavioral economics, along with interactive training tools to turn practical advice into habits that improve people’s productivity.

Good To Great (English)

Management ideas that make a company exceptional

What makes some companies make the leap to success and others not? Jim Collins develops in this book 7 principles or management ideas to know how to go from a normal company to an exceptional one . The author explains what are the factors that distinguish the good from the truly great.

Companies that have achieved success are characterized by having special leaders, by combining a dose of realism with a dose of faith in success, by guiding their actions towards a single strategic concept, by adopting a culture of discipline for using technology, among others. things.

How Successful People Think

A book to change the way of thinking

One of the best leadership books is this one by author John C. Maxwell. In this book, this leadership expert teaches you to be more creative and also to know when to question popular thinking. He asserts that one of the things in common that successful people have is precisely the way they think.

Therefore, if we learn to think like successful people do, we can revolutionize not only our work, but also our lives. Among the lessons you will learn is developing ideas and analyzing past issues to better understand the future.

Daring greatly

To learn to manage emotions and vulnerability

Translated as Fragile: the power of vulnerability , this book presents a series of strategies for working with work teams, organizational leaders, individuals, couples and families. The play is based on the idea that you need to accept your own vulnerability in order to participate in real life and have true social connections.

It can be considered one of the best books on team leadership, since it proposes the analysis of emotions, thoughts and behaviors that can slow people down to lead a more authentic life in their day-to-day lives.

In this list of the best books on leadership you can find a guide to improve your skills as a leader . Remember that it is not a job that is done overnight, but if you train well you can get it.

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