“The Entrepreneurs Contest puts you to the test and makes you think big”, Fitnesslife 3rd winner of the Entrepreneurs Contest 2019

"The Entrepreneurs Contest puts you to the test and makes you think big", Fitnesslife 3rd winner of the Entrepreneurs Contest 2019 - Untitled Design 10

Carlos Bladimir, along with his work team, has participated in this latest edition of the 2019 Entrepreneurs Contest and has been in third position in the Digital Business area with his Fitnesslife project . A company that offers streaming exercise classes for all those people who do not have enough time to go to a gym.

On this occasion, we present you the Fitnesslife interview where they have told us a little more about their project and their experience in the contest. Do not miss it!


What has it meant for you to win the Entrepreneurs Contest? 

It has been super important for the whole team since we have competed against very good entrepreneurs, which shows that FitnessLife is a business with high potential to continue growing.

Why did you join the contest? 

Because the IEBS entrepreneur contest has a lot of experience in this sector. We always followed him and saw his constant posts. The topics they deal with are super interesting for this ecosystem.

How would you describe the experience in the Entrepreneurs Contest? 

I really liked being able to participate. We were very excited to have passed the first qualifying round. The second round was intense because we shared with all the acquaintances and followers on the networks to get more and more votes.

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How has the Entrepreneurs Contest helped you in business? 

It made us see that we have the potential to reach the big leagues with FitnessLife. It also allowed us to see that the competition is high and that there are super good teams with high activity in networks.

How did the idea of ​​creating your own company come about? Why did you decide to undertake?

Because together with my brother we found a solution to my problem. I have two daughters and I don’t have time to go to the gym. With FitnessLife, people like me who have children or those who do not, but have little time, can exercise with a trainer who motivates them from start to finish. 

I like entrepreneurship because we want to generate many jobs, we want our entrepreneurship to improve people’s lifestyles. With our classes we want people to have fun and spend more time with their family. 

Can you explain the concept of your business in a few words? 

FitnessLife are live classes that are done through the internet for people to exercise from home . People no longer waste time going to a traditional gym. In addition, the classes being in real time allow the student to receive the motivation of a trainer who brings out the best in them.


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Could you tell us what is the best and the worst of having your own project? 

The best thing is that you learn from everything. We are salespeople, accountants, trainers, customer service, community manager , etc. Little by little, we are integrating more people into the team. The great thing is that we ourselves create the culture of the company, in this case: maintaining a good mood and total freedom of ideas. The latter means that everyone can come up with some super crazy idea, we analyze it and launch it. 

The worst thing is that you must know how to overcome each fall, each denial of a client, each time you do not grow as you want, etc. 

Do you think that training is important when undertaking a project? In what areas do you think it is most important? 

Yes, it depends on the sector. Anyway, something that applies to most is the management of digital marketing. It is a fundamental area even more so if it is the most important channel where you generate your sales. 

Have you already decided the course that you will take with us? 

Yes, after thinking about what was the best, I have decided to do a master’s degree in Digital Marketing

What would you say to a person who is thinking of starting their own project but has doubts? 

Entrepreneurship means completely leaving your comfort zone . If you are thinking of starting from Monday to Friday from 9-5pm, better forget it. This is a seesaw, a 24 × 7 and total insanity. At times it gives you enormous joys, at times it knocks you down. But there is the courage of the team to know how to overcome immediately and think about the next step.

Would you recommend the Entrepreneur Contest?

Yes, of course, the Entrepreneurs Contest puts you to the test and makes you think big. The level of competition is super high so it’s worth it. 

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