The Keys to Digital Marketing in 2016


The 7 inevitable in the description of your ecommerce items

The digital marketing  is necessary for any brand that wants to reach your niche, although it is a land of constant change, the need for adaptation and training challenges of the digital marketing can make your brand become strong.


In his article for Entrepreneur , Jonathan Long allows us to analyze 7 aspects or, in his words, ingredients that you must take into account when planning your strategy . These elements propose new challenges to keep you updated in 2016.

Challenges of Digital Marketing

# 1 There is life beyond the blog

The first proposed tip for developing a new and Challenge- proof digital marketing strategy  is about not sticking with the blog.

These continue to work and are profitable. Blogs attract the user and constantly generate traffic. However, they all have one.

To differentiate yourself, you need to take advantage of the possibilities offered by new platforms and channels. The author advises venturing into a YouTube channel , since video content is very well received by users.

Although it seems expensive, it is not necessary to make huge investments to offer quality audiovisual material. Another option is live broadcasts, allowing interaction with consumers .

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# 2 Experience mobile commerce

It is key for your brand to have a presence on mobile devices owned by its users. You cannot resign a trade as vast and interesting as mobile, where more and more adults make more purchases.

Your company websites must be designed for smartphones and tablets, among other equipment. The mindset of your strategy should be based on m-commerce, including designs and calls to action.

Everything that concerns your strategy and the Challenges of digital marketing must be based on this way of marketing that is beginning to lead in the market.

It is necessary to think about the consumer, to make the web accessible and readable on small screens. The idea is to attract them and allow them to navigate and perform actions comfortably, from any device.

# 3 A brand must have a voice and presence

The large number of social networks that exist and their relevance in the lives of users are factors that made it possible to form a type of consumer that requires human contact.

Customers generate greater attachment and commitment to a brand that has its own voice, a face and active social participation.

It is not enough to offer a product. It is increasingly important for a brand to develop its own personality. This is key to developing a good role on social media. In turn, the type of voice you have will have to do with the audience you are targeting.

It doesn’t matter if the choice is to be serious, funny or politically incorrect. What really must be taken into account is that the user looks for that voice in the brand that allows him to recognize it and even identify himself.

# 4 Offer dynamic and fast sites

The potential customer you are targeting is waiting less time each time. If what you offer is too slow, there will always be a faster competitor.

That is what happens with the internet and digital marketing , there is always someone willing to improve you, so you must constantly innovate.

One of the points where this need for innovation and updating is most evident is in the speed of your website.

A few extra seconds can mean lost conversions and customers. In turn, the site must be pleasing to the eye, maintain a good design and a dynamic and comfortable menu for the visitor.

To measure the speed of your website you can use tools such as Google’s PageSpeed ​​Insights or GTmetrix . It is important that your sites are fast and functional, that is, that they do not hinder navigation and, as we mentioned earlier, that they can be easily navigated using any device.

# 5 Take advantage of influencers

Social media brings with it the presence of new agents and channels to reach the user.

This type of Digital Marketing Challenges leaves out traditional advertising and takes advantage of the audiences that congregate around influential personalities or pages.

Influencers are prominent people in the industry you dedicate yourself to or well-known people thanks to the media and the artistic environment.

The influencer profile you need has to do with the type of audience you are targeting.

Since some traditional forms, although not completely obsolete, lagged behind in effectiveness, it is essential to adapt to the new possibilities. That is why your brand should approach celebrities or words of authority in a certain matter.

These influencers gather huge audiences who, through their mention or recommendation, will know your brand and place their trust in it.

# 6 Follow your customers

It is necessary to have the ability to be more and more specific when faced with customer searches. For this, it is key to have optimized email marketing and pay per click. In this way, it is possible to direct the user where he wants.

If you are looking at dispenser refrigerators, receive an email with offers on dispenser refrigerators and not just any model.

The user is more and more demanding and has many options available, for this reason you must do a fine job and intensive monitoring of the activity of your audience. In this way, you will be able to know their interests and facilitate their access to what they are looking for.

# 7 Test all social networks

It is not news that a digital marketing strategy must include social networks, however, not all of them are ideal for your strategy.

One of the Challenges of digital marketing is finding which of many is ideal for your Social Media strategy.

Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are the networks with the highest number of users and reputation, they are media that occupy a place in all digital marketing strategies .

While they offer numerous benefits, they don’t have to settle for you. There are various platforms that have been obtaining a place in the proposals of the brands and they are not the traditional ones.

Snapchat and Instagram are two clear examples to consider. Of course, not all networks are effective and functional for all brands, but it is always possible to experiment. The most useful social networks will have to do with the audience you are targeting and their interests.

Snapchat is widely used by young people, and allows you to share visual material with your followers that will be deleted in a few seconds.

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Instagram is one of the most important and complete options when it comes to spreading images.

Both offer benefits for different audiences. Social networks are mutating and reproducing, so you should not stay with the best known only, but stay tuned and willing to explore new options.

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