Trust Investing: Read This Guide Before Investing


Here is a guide that explains in detail what Trust Investing is and how this famous automatic investment method works.

Active in the field of digital currencies, Trust Investing has recently gained a lot of popularity around the world.


The Web is divided between those who love this system and others who classify it as a scam. What will be the truth? At Inversiones24 we have thoroughly analyzed this method to find out the whole truth about Trust Investing.

⚠️ Name Trust Investing
📈 Type of investment Automatic
⭐️ Active Cryptocurrencies
💰 Initial deposit $ 100


What is Trust Investing?

The project called Trust Investing is a system based on automatic investment in cryptocurrencies . The client must deposit money (an average of 100 euros is enough to start) and will receive a guaranteed profit every day.

Well, a familiar modality: there are many companies in the cryptomondo that over the years have promised safe and effortless profits.

To tell the truth, these systems are usually simple scams ( SCAM ), that is, they disappear from circulation after a few weeks or at most months. On the contrary, Trust Investing remains active even if it has radically changed the website and its offering.

In the past the dominant colors were white and green and on the home page there was a section with all the ” packages ” to buy, with relative prices. As of today, the color of the site is purple and there is very little information about what Trust Investing does and how it handles investors’ money.

Everything is much darker, all the detailed information is provided after registration allowing you to access the personal area.

How does Trust Investing work?

According to the information we have at our disposal, to start investing with Trust Investing we must select an investment plan and buy it.

In theory, the more you spend, the higher your daily earnings. Here is an example:

  • Initial investment 100 euros: guaranteed profit 1% daily
  • Initial investments 500 euros: guaranteed profit 3% daily

Therefore, the more you invest, the higher your earnings will be at the end of the month.

How does Trust Investing obtain profitability? This is not very clear. In theory, thanks to a combination of automated software and a team of expert investors, investments in cryptocurrencies will be profitable and without the possibility of error.

Is this really the case? It is difficult to believe in a method that guarantees such high profits, without clearly explaining its system.

Is Trust Investing a scam?

Here’s the question many are asking: Is Trust Investing a scam or a reliable way to invest our money?

First of all, we clarify that the judges will decide this aspect and it is not up to us to make judgments. However, what we can do is check the regular licenses. In the financial sector it is necessary to have authorizations and regulations to be able to offer investment services to clients.

Is Trust Investing licensed by the CNMV? Unfortunately no, we have investigated and discovered that the Spanish control authority has denounced this system in the «List of warned entities»:

Entering the dedicated section, CNMV officials have clearly written that Trust Investing does not have any license to operate:


Even if we hypothesize the actual operation of this method, the main problem lies in the fact that in case of problems we will have no guarantee and no body prepared to protect our savings.

Trust Investing Reviews

What are the opinions about Trust Investing? From what we have seen, they are in conflict.

Many investors swear that they have made real money using this method, while others report everything talking about a real scam.

It is also necessary to divide the true opinions from the false ones: very often automated systems like our Trust Investing rely on marketing agencies to fill the various forums or portals like Trustpilot with false positive comments.

Of course, reading the various reviews, it is quite clear to understand what the investor’s mood is about it. Here are some examples:


Once again we specify that the problem is not negative opinions, but the lack of a regular license to invest.

REAL alternatives to Trust Investing

Although if we suspend the judgment on Trust Investing, we believe that it is our duty to provide certified automatic investment opportunities.

If you are looking for a method that allows you to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies fully automatically, even without specific knowledge, it is worth taking a look at the eToro options .

The first solution is represented by CryptoCopyPortfolios : it is about investing in these “funds” created by experienced managers and that on average yield more than 10% per year. Some are specific to cryptocurrencies and the returns so far are really great.

To discover all the CopyPortfolios available, just complete the free registration and enter the specific section. If someone catches our attention, it will be enough to invest online and without risk: eToro has the guarantee of the FCA.


Another alternative to invest automatically? The Copy Trading. This eToro method allows you to select the best investors and copy all their trades.

In this way we will obtain the same returns as the true specialists in the financial market, automatically and with an initial investment of only 50 euros .

On the eToro Home Page it will be possible to discover the best Traders, check the returns obtained and the years of experience. All the useful information to invest in the best way!

Are you curious to try this investment system? Simply activate a Demo account and practice with virtual money, free of charge:


Disputes over Trust Investing

Over the years, Trust Investing has faced numerous disputes that have undermined its trust. In this section we will summarize all the problems that this company has faced in recent years.

Arrest of the President: In 2021 Ruslan Concepción, famous for being the president of Trust Investing, was arrested in Cuba. At the Havana airport, the police detained him and then took him to prison, accused of having created a Ponzi scheme designed to defraud his clients.

CNMV press release: as already seen, in 2020 the Spanish authority declared that Trust Investing did not have a license to offer its investment services. Portals such as Elperiodico also reported the news, calling this system a “financial chiringuito” ( The news here )

Updated Website – Nothing exists today other than what was promoted on your website long ago. There is no more specific information and many users have been confused.

Negative Reviews: Many YouTubers have also tried this system and called it a scam. This is one of many examples:


Final notes

In this review we have explained what Trust Investing is and how it works.

Unfortunately, this automatic cryptocurrency investment system was declared illegal by the Spanish CNMV and its Director arrested in 2021 in Cuba.

Therefore, we must be very careful when we want to invest our money in systems without regular licenses, since in case of problems there will be no one to protect our capital.

We have also offered alternative solutions to invest automatically , in systems with regular licenses and verifiable performance, such as the eToro CopyPortfolio .

Before saying goodbye, we remind you that it is possible to share these articles on your social channels, in order to promote clear and independent information also on investment systems such as Trust Investing.

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