We celebrate Women’s Week at IEBS


On the occasion of Women’s Day at IEBS we have promoted the celebration of Women’s Week with a series of activities and initiatives to promote and raise awareness in society of the need to incorporate women into technical and responsible positions in the field technological.

That is why we wanted to share with you the actions that we carry out at IEBS and that we want to promote this week that we have called ” Women’s Week at IEBS “:

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  • We organize the  Week of Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurs , an event to exalt the entrepreneurial spirit throughout the world, where you can live the experience of creating a company and collaborating with other female entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs.
  • We created the “Mujeres al Poder” channel   to share and give visibility to women who are a benchmark in their field, such as  Natalia Olson-Urtecho , a member of Barack Obama’s cabinet  or  Alicia and Mayte  Alumni from IEBS.
  • We collaborate with the Anabella Foundation and Homeless Entrepreneur to offer support to women at risk of exclusion  due to abuse  or  homelessness .
  • We launched the  Scholarships  for Women to train women in digital skills to promote their incorporation into technical and management positions. Share them with all those who may be interested and request them  here

At IEBS we have bet on women and their talent. Perhaps that is why we have been founded by a woman and a man and more than half of our team are women, not because they are women but because of their merits, which has undoubtedly been key to our success.

In spite of everything, at the level of the faculty, we still have a lot to do and we must encourage women to occupy positions of responsibility. 

Help us to get more women to train to acquire digital skills and occupy technological management positions. Thank you very much!

At the faculty level, we still have a lot to do: even so, we have a significant number of academic directors and more than half of our students are women. We are aware that women must be helped to occupy positions of responsibility. 

If you have a business idea or are starting a business, the Week of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs is here. You still have time to sign up for our Entrepreneur Week and take your project to the top.

Week of Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurs

Live the experience of undertaking or helping other entrepreneurs without risk

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