What is a Commercial assistant): definition and role



Intermediary between management, customers and sales representatives, the sales assistant is present for all the operations that precede, accompany and follow a sale; he is the right hand of the commercial attaché. As the client’s first contact with the company, he or she is given more and more responsibilities. He supervises all operations related to sales (order processing, invoicing, maintenance of customer files, manufacturing and delivery times, etc.).

The sales assistant may also be required to present his company’s products or services to customers, respond to requests for information, participate in sales meetings and even develop offers and write arguments.

He therefore ensures the follow-up and administrative management of the sales department and participates in the sale of the company’s products.

Finally, the sales assistant is responsible for regularly updating the database and disseminating sales information. This involves, for example, grasping the characteristics of new products referenced in the central purchasing office, transmitting the various prices but also obtaining information on the market and the competition.

Sales assistance is a versatile job that requires a lot of organization and communication skills, both internally and externally, and offers opportunities in large companies.

Main missions

Often on the phone or in front of the computer, he plans meetings with clients as well as telephone conversations. He ensures that sales objectives are met.

  • Introduce clients to available services
  • Carry out promotional actions
  • Update databases
  • Schedule client appointments
  • Write and send quotes
  • Prepare and defend commercial offers
  • Note the orders, find out about the conditions of realization (delivery times, packaging method, etc.) and transmit the information to customers or sales representatives
  • Negotiate with the customer the terms of the sales contract
  • Assist the Sales Manager in setting the meeting agendas and participate in them upon request.

Technical skills

The commercial assistant performs the classic secretary tasks. He must therefore:

  • Have basic accounting
  • Master the office pack
  • Make phone appointments
  • Have knowledge of statistics
  • Have a good relationship
  • Master the business to be able to answer all customer questions
  • Mastering commercial management software
  • Master foreign languages
  • Mastery of spelling and writing skills

Personal qualities

Soft skills are also very important for the sales assistant.

  • Living
  • Dynamic
  • Rigorous
  • Devoted
  • Have good interpersonal skills
  • Enterprising
  • Diplomat
  • Sense of convincing and negotiating
  • Sense of hearing

Hierarchic reattachment

– Commercial Attaché – Commercial
– Commercial Director

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