What is a General Affairs Manager: definition and role



The General Affairs Manager assists and advises the general management of the community, stimulates, organizes and directs the implementation of action plans according to the objectives defined by the general management and / or elected officials. It provides elected officials with strategic decision support arguments.

This position consists of management assistance in terms of global and transversal public policies. The General Affairs Manager makes a diagnosis of the local context, the situation, or the service based on the analysis of economic, social, demographic data, etc. He declines the decisions of elected officials and the government according to the context and local issues and defines projects to be implemented.

  • This profession is generally carried out in municipalities (more than 3,500 inhabitants), departments, regions, inter-municipal structures. It can be exercised in public establishments or in private law structures with public service missions. It is generally attached to the general directorate of services.
  • In addition, the General Affairs Manager maintains a force of proposal with the general management. He has an intermediate hierarchical position, relation with all the services. He also watches over the good exchanges of information or cooperation with other communities according to the fields of activity.

Main missions

  • Manage and maintain the movable and immovable property of the ministry, municipality, or public authority
  • Organize and structure the means of editing and reprography.
  • Act for missions / projects of: culture / events, town planning, economic development, education …
  •  Make public service delegation agreements and check their application

Technical skills

  • Budgetary and accounting management
  • Administrative management
  • Legal security
  • Asset management and logistics
  • Organization and management of deliberative assemblies
  • Service quality assessment

Personal qualities

  • sense of service
  • communicating
  • rigorous
  • organized and responsible
  • goal

Hierarchic reattachment

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