What is a Security consultant: definition and role



The Security Consultant is now highly sought after by companies who are increasingly opening their networks and operating systems to the outside in order to communicate with their customers and suppliers. The Security Consultant’s mission is to preserve the integrity and confidentiality of an organization’s data in order to reduce the vulnerability of information systems to nothing, and thus avoid cybercrime that can arise when the security system fails. or when it is simply misconfigured. As a result, security must be ensured by constant technological monitoring and by rigor and honesty on the part of the Security Consultant.

The Security Consultant can either be hired by a service company or work as an internal consultant for a – most often – large company. It also supports customers in securing their Information System.


Main missions

  • Understand customer expectations and reformulate their needs
  • Highlight the technical problem and find solutions
  • Define and implement a security policy
  • Ensure the security of electronic transactions
  • Educate the customer on security issues
  • Continuous technological watch

Technical skills

  • Triple competence: security, systems and networks
  • Experience in leading projects

Personal qualities

  • Very great curiosity for new technologies
  • Professional conscience and moral sense
  • Great availability
  • Analysis and adaptation skills
  • Sense of listening and reformulation
  • Interpersonal skills

Hierarchic reattachment

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