Where to invest 100 euros


In this guide you will discover how and where to invest 100 euros in the best way. Obviously, the options will be the same if we want to invest 100 dollars.

We are talking about a very low figure, obviously none of the solutions mentioned will lead us to wealth. However, if we use a valid investment method and above all an effective strategy, our 100 euros will also represent a valid form of monetary income.


In this guide we will discover exactly what are the 10 most interesting opportunities to invest 100 euros, profitably and absolutely legally.

Some options will have a low risk level, while others are characterized by a higher risk but are still necessary to better optimize the entry with such low capital.

An initial recommendation? Many of the investment options that we are going to list are present in eToro , a safe and certified multi-asset broker that offers excellent profit potential.

Where to invest 100 euros profitably? These are the best options available:

Cryptocurrencies ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Startups ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Staking ⭐️⭐️
Automatic reversals ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
CFD trading ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
ETF ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Cryptocurrency loans ⭐️⭐️
Crowdfunding ⭐️⭐️
Deposit account ⭐️
Gold ⭐️⭐️

1. Cryptocurrencies

Where to invest 100 euros in the best way? Without a doubt in cryptocurrencies , one of the most profitable assets of the last 20 years!

We can choose whether to buy a fraction of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other popular cryptocurrencies, or to focus on tokens that are still unknown but with great potential.

The market is full of high-hope digital currencies , newly created and specialized in high-performance sectors such as smart contracts.

Some of these tokens are still very low in value, less than 5 euros. Thus, with 100 euros we can buy a good dozen different cryptocurrencies and build a diversified portfolio .

If any of these cryptos skyrocket, our 100 euros will multiply in a few weeks.

Some examples of token with great potential and still low value? Without a doubt Cardano , VeChain, Tron and Algorand, among the best emerging cryptocurrencies in history!

The eToro broker allows you to exchange all these (and other) tokens within a secure platform. You just have to complete the registration to start investing our 100 euros in the best cryptocurrencies.


2. Startups

We make a similar speech for the best startups in the stock market.

If we want to know where to invest 100 euros in the best way, it is enough to consult the list of IPOs and choose the most promising ones.

Prestigious companies like Amazon , Netflix or even Facebook were simple startups. In just a few years they have become true financial giants, fortunately for their investors.

Today it makes little sense to invest 100 euros in Amazon, it would undoubtedly have been more profitable to do so 10 years ago. The important thing is to look for new companies with high profit margins , the market is full of them!

Some examples of startups worth investing in? Definitely Coinbase , but also Lemonade, Dixper, and Robinhood!

We recommend that you follow the evolution of the IPO and focus on stocks with values ​​below 100 euros, to immediately become shareholders of these interesting companies.

Where to trade with the best startups? Obviously in eToro, a broker that allows the purchase of the share and the possibility of receiving corporate dividends.


3. Staking

A great way to invest 100 euros? Without a doubt the Staking of cryptocurrencies .

This method consists of buying a digital currency and saving it in the wallet, without selling it. This will entitle us to monetary rewards from the broker we use.

Considered one of the most innovative safe investments , Staking is really easy to do: you simply do not have to sell or trade your token.

For example, eToro offers staking on Cardano and Tron: the higher the tokens we have, the higher the reward will be at the end of the month.

Not forgetting that by investing in two promising cryptocurrencies we will also have the opportunity to make money with their eventual rise in the markets.


4. Automatic reversals

Investing 100 euros or dollars in automatic mode is undoubtedly a good option to have an extra income.

The best (and simplest) way to make our 100 euros pay off is to trust Copy Trading , a system through which we will automatically replicate the operations of other investors.

All that needs to be done is to select the best traders, based on the performance obtained. Then we must click on the chosen profiles and from that moment all their operations will be replicated in our account.

We can decide, for example, to bet 20 euros for each trader and thus have an automatic portfolio with 5 financial market specialists.

What are the benefits of Copy Trading? In the last few months, the best performing traders have reached 40% or 50% performance on a monthly basis! With a good analysis and a little luck we will have the opportunity to double our capital in a few weeks!


5. CFD trading

Where to invest 100 euros with excellent profit potential? Simple, on the best CFD trading platforms .

This option consists of speculating on the stock market with derivative contracts (that is, CFDs) that replicate the profitability of an asset. There are two types of CFDs, so it will be possible to replicate the uptrend or downtrend.

In essence, CFD trading allows you to sell short , so if we assume that a stock will drop in price, you simply need to activate the “short” CFD to win on the decline.

The market is full of great investment platforms that offer a starting account with only € 100. Above all, we highlight Markets.com and XTB , two excellent brokers available both in Europe and South America.

Registration is fast, assets are numerous (from stocks to cryptocurrencies) and € 1 is enough to activate an investment position . With a good strategy we will obtain interesting benefits from only 100 euros or dollars of initial investment.


Is it possible to invest only € 100 in ETFs? The answer is yes, but only if we choose brokers like eToro that allow online investment.

In the past, investing in ETFs or mutual funds was reserved for those with good capital. Today, thanks to these online platforms, access to ETFs has become more “democratic” and accessible, even with a few tens of euros.

Especially in recent years, the profitability of ETFs has exploded, especially in the green and renewable energy sectors. I ven bet only 100 euros or dollars could ensure excellent performance economical!

These funds are managed passively, we just have to select the ones that interest us the most and proceed with the purchase:


7. Cryptocurrency loans

Where to invest 100 euros in a profitable and innovative way? Without a doubt in the world of cryptocurrency loans .

Some platforms such as Compound were born with the aim of providing token holders the possibility of lending their assets, in exchange for weekly or monthly interest.

Within these platforms, it will therefore be possible to specify which token we want to lend and for how long, with the previously established interests.

Who guarantees your safety? In the case of Compound, this broker offers financial collateral to guarantee the loan: everything is safe and registered on the blockchain.

8. Crowdfunding

Similar to investing in startups, there are numerous Crowdfunding projects on the market in which you can even invest as little as 100 initial euros.

Crowfunding is a system that involves the initial raising of funds by launching a project that must be signed by investors. Each one will then own a share in the future company.

To date, there are similar projects linked to other markets, especially real estate . You can buy shares in a project for the purchase of properties and you will receive the income from the resale or rent on a quarterly or semi-annual basis.

This sector still has to be 100% regulated , so first of all we suggest you investigate the crowfunding company that offers its investment services.

9. Deposit account

Obviously, it is not the best option to get an extra income from our 100 euros. However, in the field of Fintech , there are some interesting projects that make it interesting to invest only a few tens of euros in deposit accounts .

An example? Coinloan offers an interest of up to 8% per year, well above the market average (Cetes included!).

By applying methodologies like compound interest , even safe investment solutions will become attractive and quite profitable.

10. Gold

When we don’t know where to invest we always have a solution: gold . Considered the quintessential safe haven asset, the yellow metal has always been a guarantee for investors.

Do not expect super returns, however, if you want to save your liquidity waiting for more interesting ideas, gold is always a viable solution.

To check the price of gold and discuss its future performance with experienced traders, we recommend joining the eToro Community . Thousands of investors exchange investment ideas and solutions every day, it is no coincidence that this broker is considered the “social network” of finance.


Final notes

In this guide we have offered you 10 excellent solutions on how and where to invest 100 euros or dollars in the financial market.

Even if it is a low amount, starting to invest with real money will allow us to acquire awareness and professionalism, two useful characteristics if we decide to invest more money.

In general, starting investing with little money and gradually increasing it, perhaps depending on the results obtained, is always a great idea.

Many of the best solutions to invest 100 euros can be found in eToro , a Multi Asset broker that allows you to access the financial markets with total security and starting from a very low capital.

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