YouTubers: Who are they? [Success stories]


The  Youtubers are those people who rise audiovisual content platform Youtube and attract followers know. If you have a company or are a marketer, you should know who they are and how they can help your business.

I imagine that, like many, you have ever seen a video on YouTube, for example a funny one about the daily life of a person, who although he is not a television star or a singer, is famous in his online community .



But on this site there are not only funny videos. You can also find topics of interest or  tutorials to learn how to do a certain activity.

We owe the idea of ​​offering a platform to publish and watch videos from the Internet  to Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, who founded YouTube and who probably did not imagine the success that this platform would bring. T anto so   that Google decided to buy it .

With the success of Youtube, a new way of earning a living also appeared: the Youtubers. These people who are dedicated to uploading content, of all kinds, and who in many cases have surpassed television stars in popularity and their minimum annual income is in the millions of dollars.

But, what has been the key to success and what is the youtubers life like ?

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YouTube allows its users to vote, comment and subscribe to the channel, which is key to positioning the content.

In addition, it is known that the majority of the audience of YouTubers are teenagers or young people,  who perhaps seek this platform to relax for a while with topics that they like or interest them.

Without further ado, let’s learn all about this online phenomenon .

Who are YouTubers?

The YouTubers are people who are dedicated to record videos to upload to YouTube and get some benefit.

They are usually eccentric, controversial, funny young people and many others misunderstood, so their youthful audience feels identified with them and, therefore, not a single one of their videos is lost.

On the other hand, there are various reasons that lead a person to become a YouTuber: to gain fame, money, spread their knowledge , make their opinions known on various topics or simply for fun.

The videos uploaded to YouTube  are usually self-produced , since the YouTuber himself makes the script, records it, interprets it and publishes it.

This is why in some cases the quality of the videos is low, since YouTubers want to keep up to date on their channel and use the camera of their own phones.

In relation to the content they are usually very diverse: video games, music, humor or tutorials (makeup, cooking, hairdressing, etc).

YouTubers are also known as “Influencers” since they have achieved, with their fame, the ability to mobilize masses and generate reactions in their audiences.


YouTube was created in 2005,  because previously it was thought that it would not result due to the low Internet speed that users had and the lack of storage to save videos.

When Google bought the platform in 2006 , it became the most famous in the world and, today, it is impossible that someone has not ever seen a video on YouTube.

On the other hand, a program was created in 2011: “YouTube Partner” with the intention that the authors of the videos will charge a percentage for the advertisements that are published in them. 

From this moment it is when uploading videos to YouTube becomes more interesting, professional and that is when YouTubers are born.

The amount of money each YouTuber earns depends on several things: amount of reproduction, views, of their videos, country, profile of their followers, type of contract, among other factors. In any case, these doubts are clarified by YouTube itself for those who want to start in this world.

There are many YouTubers, as I mentioned earlier, who  are Influencers and in addition to making money with visits to their channel, there are companies that take advantage of their image to become popular.

Your  brand should consider this strategy and look for good references. It can be a good opportunity to grow your business.

Types of YouTubers

Beyond uploading videos to YouTube, each YouTuber has a profile and a personality that they reflect in their audiovisual material. Here I detail each one, you will probably identify them.

Opinionating YouTubers: those who upload videos to show their position on a specific situation or something.

Gamers:  those who upload videos of themselves playing a famous video game.

Tutorials: they are YouTuber who upload video-guides to show, step by step, how to do a certain activity. For example: how to put on makeup, make a recipe, etc.

Horror YouTubers: upload videos telling scary or suspenseful stories.

Humorous YouTubers: Provide their audience with funny videos of themselves or compilations of videos with high humorous content.

Tech YouTubers – They talk about the entire tech world like gadgets , apps, devices, etc.

Monologues: as the name implies, the YouTuber is shown simply talking about some topic without the irruption of someone else.

Homemade miniseries: they are those that make funny videos, or not, about everyday life situations or with a totally invented script.

YouTubers of animations and montages.

Musical YouTubers: They are not famous people on the television level, but they show themselves singing, dancing or both through video clips.

Success stories

Today, there are hundreds of YouTubers within the platform, but it is true that there are some much more popular than others. The reason? I’ll tell you about it later, but these young people have been overwhelmingly successful and their subscribers are loyal fans of their videos.

They have mostly written books and their subscribers go beyond 10 million. Next we will see some famous Youtubers



Zoe Sugg is a 27-year-old English YouTuber who has come to be known on the platform as “Zoella.”

Her videos began to circulate in mid- 2009. Their content is fashion and makeup and their buyer personas are usually young women.

It currently has more than 11 million subscribers. The key to his success has been the spontaneity and joy he shows in his videos. 

In 2015,  s u book Girl Online, which   sold more than 78,000 copies in one week, beat JK Rowling, author of Harry Potter.

Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan

Known for uploading makeup tutorial videos to YouTube , the 30-year-old American has more than 8 million subscribers to her channel.

She started out as Youtubers  for pleasing her blog readers who asked her about makeup techniques.

He also wrote a book called Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style and Success – Online and Off.



Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is a 27-year-old Swedish man better known as PewDiePie.

His videos are comedy. It is currently the video producer with the most subscribers on the platform, it has  more than 50 million users.

Hi I am German

Hi I am German

Germán Garmendia is a 27-year-old Chilean with more than 30 million subscribers on his channel.

His videos are also comedy. They mostly deal with relationships and everyday life.

He is also a singer and has a book called #Chupaelperro: One or another advice so that what happens to a friend does not happen to you.


The Rubius

Rubén Doblás is a 27-year-old young man of Spanish origin. His channel has more than 30 million subscribers.

He is the most followed YouTuber in Spain and the main theme of his audiovisual material is video games, but commented on with a touch of humor.

In 2014 he published The Troll Book, a fully interactive book that users must be able to complete.


Willy rex

Guillermo Díaz is better known as Willyrex for his YouTube channel.

He is only 23 years old and of Spanish origin.

He opened his first channel in 2009 and his second in 2011. The content of this YouTuber is based on gameplays from the popular Minecraft video game . It has almost 12 million subscribers.



This YouTuber is called Samuel de Luque, he is 28 years old and he is from Spain.

He currently has more than 17 million subscribers and is the second most popular YouTuber in Spain, and the fourth Spanish-speaking after the rubiosOMG.

He has released multiple books in conjunction with Willyrex about the video game they are passionate about: Minecraft .

To complement this information, I invite you to watch this video of the YouTubers who have earned the most money in Latin America, courtesy of XpressTV.

10 richest Youtubers (Spanish speaking)

YouTubers as Influencers

It’s no secret that people trust other people’s opinions more (more if they admire them) than they do brands.

In the case of YouTubers, because they are practically celebrities or experts in some field, they generate more credibility in the masses.

Brands could take advantage of this and support the content of value that YouTubers generate through the product  or service offered.

YouTubers already have a captive and loyal audience, so it will be more likely that, through them, your brand will truly capture the attention of audiences.

It is important that the YouTuber who selects your brand, as an Influencer,  really has to do with what you offer or is related to it , since if there is incongruity between the content of the YouTuber and your product, credibility could be deteriorated.

Another recommendation is that you select a  YouTuber who will present you with options for how your product will appear on the screen , so you can make the changes that you think are prudent and both parties will be satisfied.

In the following video you will learn about the great advantages that the Influencer can bring to your brand

Influencer Marketing | The Youtuber of Digital Marketing

How to succeed on YouTube?

Once you analyze the profiles of successful cases understand that success on the platform it depends on how and whether or not you spontaneo.

As you have seen, the videos of these people are original and funny, some others even personal. This has been the way they have managed to identify the masses with them. So you should consider it.

What stands out is to offer a 100% entertainment audiovisual product that manages to cause positive emotions in subscribers.

The closeness with the subscribers has been paramount for these YouTuber, since they have not forgotten that it is thanks to them that they have achieved fame. So they appreciate and take into account the comments they leave on their channel for when they make their next videos,  which keeps subscribers loyal.

Finally, it is important that you  lean on other online platforms and do a little Marketing. Also, you should share the videos on social networks or blogs to have a better reach.

SEO rules to optimize YouTube videos

Do you want to be a YouTuber or boost your brand through this platform? I suggest some SEO tricks for search engines to support and benefit your audiovisual material. Pay attention to what follows.

Put your videos on a playlist.

Put your best video as featured.

Add tags or labels.

Enter keywords or keywords to the title of your video, tags and description.

Customize your thumbnail image.

Share your videos on Social Media and blog.

If you have resources, pay for ads on your channel.

Always have a well-defined audience.

Finally, one YouTuber pursues a single goal, at  times it is a matter of luck and other strategy, it is certain that create a bond with the audience is the main thing to get a little further. Make them feel identified with your channel!

Do you have a favorite YouTuber? Let us know

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